Be Brave Enough to Feel Vulnerable in Your Business

It is much easier to think about the concept of vulnerability in our own lives, isn’t it? We remember the most gut-wrenching moments…

  • Asking someone to be your Valentine;
  • Asking someone to Prom;
  • Telling a joke that inadvertently offends people;
  • Telling a story no one finds interesting;
  • Spilling a drink on an expensive sofa at someone’s house;
  • Getting cast in a play as a silent role, Oak Tree Number 7;
  • Getting your sandals stolen at the beach and being forced to walk barefoot into a store to buy new ones…

I’ll leave it up to you to decide which ones of these actually happened to me. But I’ve never asked anyone to prom or to be my Valentine… I just imagine that would be really stressful.

Think about the gut-wrenching moments of your day-to-day…

  • Meeting a client with whom you’ve had a rocky relationship;
  • Cold-calling pretty much anyone for any reason;
  • Receiving an email that criticizes you and your brand;
  • Reminding clients and customers to pay your invoices…

I know what you’re thinking! Liz has a really weak stomach for certain things. But I’m seriously willing to bet you face the same issues in your own day-to-day.

I’m taking a moment to tell you to be open to your vulnerabilities. Accept them for what they are.

These are all fear-related things. Face this – Fear isn’t a real thing. It is an invention of the human psyche – a reaction to things that haven’t even happened.

So I’m here to say this:

  • Call anyone with whom you have a rocky relationship and make them smile;
  • Cold call or email someone and just ask if they want to be your friend on Linkedin so they know you exist. The worst thing they can do is hang up… and so what if they did;
  • Review that criticism in your inbox – decide if there is anything useful to take away from it, thank the person for bringing it to your attention, and move on from it.
  • Reminding your people to PAY YOU shouldn’t make you feel bad! You’re worth every penny and MORE.

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