Find Your Tenacity – Be the Weed

Be the Weed


Oh, the visual connotations that must conjure in one’s mind. I am, however, talking about the plant that gathers around cultivated plants. I noticed the sheer abundance of weeds last night when I was out walking. Those pesky little things sure find a way to break through barriers, don’t they?

I have to say that I do admire their tenacity. We should all have the tenacity of the weed. I mean, let’s look at what weeds can do.

The environment doesn’t matter – The weed will grow. Sidewalk, asphalt? No problem. They see their opening and go for it. Hot or cold weather? Doesn’t matter. They won’t be deterred.

Weeds help their weed community – They spread roots to other plants. If you pull a weed, you’ll probably get five other ones to replace it. You can pluck them but they will leave pieces behind in the dirt so they just hold tight and then multiply! Strength in numbers.

Weeds develop earlier and grow faster than other plants. – They just hang out under the snow until the time is right to emerge. Timing is everything.

Weeds offer food for other organisms – They don’t always just help their weed friends but they cross the species lines and help other organisms. Bees sometimes depend on weeds for food and we know the importance of bees! They give nourishment to others.

They’ve got you covered– They won’t let the topsoil get washed away. They are super supportive and have your back.

And, did I mention persistent? – They find a way to get the job done. They don’t give up. They are not afraid to stand alongside the prettiest flower and they will probably be the last one standing.

Breaking Barriers. Adaptable. Helping others. Providing nourishment for growth. Being supportive. Persistent.

I definitely think I want to be the weed.

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