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“Peanut butter and jelly again Mom?” How many times has your child said this to you? Finding different things to pack in your child’s lunchbox is not easy especially if you have a picky eater. In my house, a salami, ham, and cheese sandwich is my daughter’s go to lunch. I think I get tired making it more than she gets tired eating it.

No matter who’s getting bored, there are some ways you and your child can get excited about packing lunch again.

New Spin on Old Favorites

Instead of making peanut butter and jelly again, try making it a new way. Peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls are a different twist on the old standby. They’re easy to make and guaranteed to raise some eyebrows at the lunch table. Forget ham and cheese sandwiches, how about ham and cheese muffins? Sure it’s the same ingredients but since it looks different your children may actually be excited to eat it.

Don’t Let Leftovers be Left Out

Last night’s dinner can be tomorrow’s lunch. Anything that can be heated up can also be put in a thermos for lunch. This is a nice change from the standard sandwich du jour. It is also a great way to make sure leftovers don’t get wasted and tossed in the garbage.

Get the Kids in the Kitchen

Look for kid-friendly recipes that kids can actually make. Nothing makes kids more excited about food than when they have a role in making it. Pizzas are a great and fun food to make. Once again you can have it for dinner and take it for lunch the next day.

Ask Around

I kept asking my daughter what else I could make her for lunch. She kept telling me she didn’t know. But then she started telling me what other kids were bringing. I got a few new ideas from what other moms were doing. There’s no shame in piggybacking lunch ideas especially if your kids are excited about eating them. If your child won’t tell you then ask some other parents yourself. Some of the ideas may surprise you.

Be on the Lookout

If you can get to the grocery store minus kids you can take the time to actually look at what’s around. Sometimes you’ll spot something you never even thought existed. If you find something you think your child will try, check out the nutritional content to see if it adheres to your standards. If it does, then score! This is even a great way to find new foods for yourself.

Once you find some new favorites spread them out so your kids don’t get sick of them too soon! Share your top parenting tips, blogs, and ideas. Parenting is hard, join in to celebrate and commiserate your parenting triumphs and failures along with Project Eve Mom’s community of mom and dads looking to make parenting easier. today.

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