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I’ve been hearing about Common Core for years. Long before I had a school age child, I started hearing bits and pieces over social media, then on parenting blogs, and then via more traditional news sources.

As elementary school loomed on the horizon and I realized that 40 states had already adopted Common Core standards, I knew I should get busy and learn more.

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While I knew that setting the bar higher for educational standards in all schools and using better tests to assure that students were reaching those standards would place students on the road to success. It was also clear that there is an adjustment period. If I could get prepared and informed, I would be better able to help my child and have more productive conversations with his teachers.

Finding a place to get sound information and reliable resources was my priority. Fortunately, I found a great one! Free help is available at Be A Learning Hero. Be a Learning Hero brings together the most helpful, parent-friendly and accessible information on Common Core standards, homework and assessments in one place. Once there, you can find a reliable ways to see how the changes will impact you and your child as well as find great resources to help your child adjust to the changes.

Be A Learning Hero is backed by funding, resources, and support from organizations like the National PTA, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Schusterman Foundation, Kahn Academy, Common Sense Media, Council of Great City Schools, and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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When you visit www.BeALearningHero.org, you can get both top-level overviews as well as links to a host of very detailed resources. There are answers to frequently asked questions, overviews of Common Core Math and English, and general info on the new Common Core-aligned tests. If you need to take a deeper dive, there are tons of links to resources that get you the detailed information you need including: homework help, practice questions, grade-by-grade tips. There are also great videos by educators addressing the changes to the standards. All of it is designed to help parents become educated about the changes so that they are equipped to fully support their children at each grade level. It was such a relief to find such a complete array of information and resources; I could get the information I needed and find the right support for my individual needs.

Below is a video that breaks out many of the great features I found on www.BeALearningHero.org:

Change is difficult and takes time. It’s a process to adjust to new standards, tests and homework. So it’s important to find ways to support our kids through that change so they can be successful in school. Be A Learning Hero gives parents tools that explain what children should know at each grade level, why kids are being taught and assessed differently, and how parents can best support their learning. Now that I’ve discovered Be A Learning Hero I’m well on my way!

Learn more about Be A Learning Hero on www.BeALearningHero.org, at their Facebook page, or their Pinterest profile.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Be a Learning Hero. The opinions and text are all mine.


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