5 Effective Email Organization Tips


Often times, do you feel as if you’ll never see the bottom of your inbox? Do you ask yourself how you’ll ever get anything else done with all these e-mails awaiting your attention? Do you find yourself still feeling buried by e-mails even after working on them for hours? If you identified with any of these issues, it may be time for you to step back and learn how you may be able to become more efficient and better manage your e-mails. Here are some suggestions for more effective e-mail management from our NYC Professional Organizer:

– Consider the “send less, receive less” mindset when working with e-mail. Receiving as few e-mails as possible is one of our top email organization tips! Before sending an e-mail ask yourself…

    • Does the information you’re sending relate to a specific purpose? Avoid sharing trivial or redundant information.
    • Do you need to send another e-mail just to say thank you? Consider connecting/reconnecting with people by saying thanks via a phone call.
    • Does your e-mail completely address ALL questions that have been posed? If you don’t have a response to all items, wait to compile the information and send it in one message.
    • Who really needs to see my e-mail? Limit distribution to only the essential few who need to be included is a crucial email organization tip for those who wish to decrease the number of messages in their inboxes. When sending a message to a large group, ask recipients to respond to you only, when applicable.
    • Do you require a response to your message? If not, let the recipient know.

By quickly running through these questions each time before you send an e-mail you’ll not only be rewarded with fewer e-mails in your inbox, chances are, your recipients will be very appreciative of the additional thought that went into your messages. And – after doing this regularly for a short time, it will become a habit that will save you time during your hectic day.

Our NYC Professional Organizer recommends that you consider printing out the questions above and posting them near your workstation, so you may easily refer to them until they become second nature.

Here’s to fewer e-mails, and a more productive day!

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