Being Global Requires Understanding, Not Just Presence

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This week I was pleased to be a member of the San Francisco audience in a private equity roadshow for entrepreneurs. I was there as an entrepreneur grooming myself to become investment-ready.

The event was produced by a global investing network that stressed we must exercise due diligence before getting involved with a venture.

Warming up the crowd, the founder of the entire network announced the opening of its new Israeli branch. He asked us, “Does anyone here speak Israeli?”

That’s not global.

Local, regional, geographic, ethnic culture should be an aspect of your own due diligence when you’re a global operator, if for no other reason than to be personally aware.

I take from this experience the lesson that even investors who are planning to make equity commitments in the wider world need a lot of help understanding it.

What do you think?

ANASTASIA ASHMAN is a digital strategist for global personal branding and a specialist in using your media to build community. As cofounder of, she equips individuals & groups to reach offline goals through your online presence.

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