Benefits of using a pregnancy calendar

Knowing the stages that your baby is going through while in the womb is reassuring and mind settling. You can know this by the use of a pregnancy calendar. The calendar consists of all the developmental stages of a fetus from the conception to birth of the baby.

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Benefits of using a pregnancy calendar

  • Track the development of the baby and your body changes

Using a pregnancy calendar has many benefits to you and to the baby. One of them is that it can help you to track the development of a child. Using the calendar, you will know what changes you should expect with the child and your own body. For instance, if you are in the 13th week, your baby is fully formed despite being the size of a pea pod. Your body is experiencing changes; the baby bump may start showing and the morning sickness and fatigue may be reducing. The information is available for each week and therefore, it will keep you informed.

  • Know when to go for appointments and scans

It will also help you to know when to go for appointments and scans. Since the pregnancy calendar has the information for the growth of the baby, it will guide you on the right time to go for the scans and other doctor appointments. The scans are helpful in checking if the baby is growing normally.

  • Know your due date

The pregnancy calendar comes with a due date calculator which helps in calculating your due date. With this knowledge, you can be better prepared for the coming of the baby since you have an estimate on when this is likely to happen. You will make sure that you have bought the baby clothes and made arrangements of how and where you will give birth.9

  • You will get tips

Most pregnancy calendars have tips on how to cope with the pregnancy. For example, there can be tips on how to deal with morning sickness, fatigue and nausea. These can be helpful to you as the pregnancy progresses. You can also see what other expectant mothers are going through since the calendars could also have a sharing forum.

Pregnancy calendar is a guide to your pregnancy. In spite of its many benefits, it is good to know that each pregnancy is unique and so is every baby. Therefore, the calendar gives an estimate of what you and the baby should be going through. You may find that there are slight differences in your experience and that given on the calendar.


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