Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2015

Whether you’ve been to one baby shower or one-hundred baby showers, it’s sometimes hard to find that perfect gift. While baby registries may be filled with all of the necessities, it can still be hard to find the best baby shower gifts. Before you buy your next rattle or diaper bag, check out these best baby shower gifts of 2015:

Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2015: HALO SleepSack

best baby shower gifts

Loose blankets and a newborn baby are not a good match. There are all kinds of dangers that are associated when the two are mixed. That’s why every new mom needs a sleep sack for their little one. The sleep sack takes the place of a blanket. Your baby is still warm. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about him getting tangled up in the blankies.

Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2015: Monthly Baby Stickers

best baby shower gifts

This is one that I wish I had with my kids. You can put these stickers on bibs or onesies and snap a picture for every mile stone. This is one of the best baby shower gifts because it’s fun. While it is a gift for baby, it’s also gift for any mom who wants to keep an eye on their baby’s growth.

Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2015: Furniture Straps Kit

best baby shower gifts


We all know how important it is to baby proof our homes when babies come along. One of the biggest hazards is falling furniture. These furniture straps keep objects in place and away from your baby. This is one of the best baby shower gifts because it may not be something a new mother is necessarily thinking about, but definitely needs.

Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2015: Stroller Organizer


best baby shower gifts

You can add this to the list of things I wish I had when my kids were little. Although “throwing things in the stroller” sounds like a good idea, it can get stressful. Bottles can tip over, keys can drop, phones can crack…it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Gadgets like a stroller organizer help to keep everything in place…including your sanity!

Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2015: Baby Prints Photo Frame


best baby shower gifts

Give a new mom a lasting memento with this gift. The baby prints photo frame comes with a “clean touch” inkpad so baby’s foot and hand doesn’t get too messy. Mom can make a great decoration with this heartwarming gift.

Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2015: Baby Seat Car Covers


best baby shower gifts


Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor touchy stranger will bother your baby with these baby seat car covers. The practicality of this gift makes it one of the best baby shower gifts. While you may think you’ll just throw a blanket over the car seat, the reality is that blankets fall down and get in the way. A baby seat car cover stays in place to protect your baby from just about anything.

So, the next time you get invited to a baby shower, check out these great gifts. They’re useful, thoughtful, and may even be a new mom’s favorite gift too!



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