Best business advice for mom entrepreneurs

About three weeks ago, I posted a call for entries for information to help me write this blog post.  My goal was to reach out to entrepreneurs from around the world and ask them one question.

What is the BEST business advice you would give to a mom entrepreneur?

Let me say I wasn’t disappointed in the submissions I received.  The entries came from entrepreneurs spanning many industries.  Both men and women submitted their advice.  Some captured a compelling thought in one sentence and others shared inspiration in a couple of paragraphs.  I could tell that everyone put a great deal of thought into what they would say to encourage a mom entrepreneur to follow her dreams, and how to make life a little bit easier for herself on this journey. What is really exceptional is that the advice is easily applicable for all entrepreneurs, whether you are a parent or not.

I’ve taken the submissions and created a slide share, below. Each slide features a different entrepreneur with a snapshot of their business and their advice.  You have the opportunity to connect with all of these entrepreneurs by clicking on the “connect here” link on each slide.  We welcome your connections, because after all, growing your network by connecting to like-minded individuals certainly falls into “best business advice”.

Mom Entrepreneur-Cover Photo-myMarketing Cafe










Now it’s your turn! What’s your best business advice for mom entrepreneurs?


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Jo Lynn Deal is an integrated marketing communications strategist and founder of myMarketing Cafe.  She has been featured in PR News, Project Eve, The Business Journal, and The Examiner. Catch her every week on the Cup of Jo blog, where she focuses on trending topics and fresh ideas in the world of integrated small business marketing. Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter.


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