What are the Best Career Opportunities for Those Who Thrive Under Pressure?

What are the Best Career Opportunities for Those Who Thrive Under Pressure?

There are some people who just thrive under pressure. They perform better when they have a strict deadline approaching, or are at their best when something is at stake. From a high-paid chef to an emergency room doctor, there are a few careers out there that were just made for people who want a job that is stressful, pressure-ridden, and always changing. If you are one of those people, read on below for a few of the top career opportunities out there, that might be the perfect choice for you.

Head Chef

Working as a head chef in a popular restaurant can be extremely stressful and challenging. The pace is fast and food must go out looking perfect, tasting great and on time. If the food comes back, it is the head chef who takes the heat. One thing to remember if you decide this is the right career opportunity for you, is that you are going to have intense training, certifications, and will need to have a State Food Safety food handler’s card in order to be around food and prepare it for the guests that come in to eat at the restaurant.

A Nurse

Choosing a career as a nurse is one of the most challenging but also rewarding careers out there today. As a nurse, you are put into emergency situations on a daily basis and saving the lives of the people who come into the medical facility where you work is your goal. This can be very challenging and nurses are put under a lot of pressure on an hourly basis. To become a nurse, you need to have a college education and take certification exams to become one.

A Police Officer

One of the most challenging and high pressure jobs out there today has to be that of the police officer. They are exposed to danger whenever they are at work and, in today’s world, even when they aren’t. A police officer has to make split second decisions in the line of duty, and must go through training and certifications to get their badge.

A Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists are trained in the field of the mind. Helping patients who have mental problems can be exhausting and highly stressful. You have to have a college degree to become a clinical psychologist, but the money is well worth it, as is the fact that you are helping people.

Airline Pilot

Being an airline pilot means that you have people’s lives in your hands from the time to leave the ground until you land the plane at your destination. That is why you have to have a good education to be a pilot.

These are just a few of the top careers out there for people who thrive under pressure. From being a head chef in a popular restaurant to being an airline pilot, you can be sure that if you want to be challenged and rewarded at the same time, these jobs will fit the bill.



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