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Many advanced apps, tools and bots have replaced human work on the Internet, but there is still no such thing that can replace real content creators. These people, who commit their energy, time, and resources to create online content are necessary for every Internet user. However, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t rely on contemporary tools that make their jobs easier. If you are an online content creator, then you will definitely appreciate the following selection of tools that help you become more effective in the job you love.

    • ThingLink – You can always make the completed content more interesting by enriching it with relevant images. You can use ThingLink to upload an image and make it more fun by adding interactive icons that can range from messages and links to videos and images associated to the piece. You don’t need any masterful knowledge of programming to use this tool; it provides you with simple features that are easy to use.
    • – One of the worst things that could happen to you as an online content creator is to publish a piece full of spelling and grammar mistakes that would ruin your reputation in the readers’ eyes. You can prevent that from happening by hiring affordable, but highly-professional editing services at this website. Custom writing service NinjaEssays also offers writing assistance in all areas of study, so you can use it to collaborate with an expert on a topic you don’t particularly understand.
    • Skitch – This free app enables you to enhance the visual aspect of communication. With Skitch you can get your point across by using sketches, shapes and annotation, so you’ll need fewer words to express your ideas. Yes, you are a writer, but you should finally realize that your readers don’t appreciate endless texts. You will capture their attention easily by focusing on what’s really important with the help of Skitch.
    • Google Fonts – Working with a new font is always fun. You can make your eBooks, presentations, and web pages much more appealing with the usage of cool fonts that you can simply add to your collection. This is a product by Google, which means that it is easy to implement into practice.
    • Word2CleanHTML – Are you still attached to Microsoft Word? Then this tool can really make your life easier, since it will save you from the formatting madness you need to go through in order to publish content online. All you need to do is paste the text you have created in Word, Google Drive, or Evernote and click a single button to get a nice and clean HTML version of the content.
    • Haiku Deck – If you need to create a PowerPoint presentation, you can enhance its visual appeal with the help of Haiku Deck. You can tell a story in a charming, alluring way and get inspired by the best decks of the week, provided in a wide range of topics.
    • – There is a clear reason behind the increased popularity of infographics: readers love them! Besides making your content more visually attractive, this resource will also speed up the entire process of content creation and help you illustrate the information you are trying to convey with the usage of over 20 chart types. Even if you haven’t created a single infographic before, you won’t have any troubles understanding how works.

Everything is possible with the right tool at hand!
No one is trying to dispute the fact that you are good at what you do. However, you can clearly become even better if you start using the entire potential the Internet has to offer. There are incredibly effective tools, apps and websites that help you create content faster and more easily, but also enable you to make it more attractive for your readers. Start using them today and you will immediately notice the difference.

Image Source: Christopher Penn

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