Beyond The Talk

This starts week three of the motivational soap box. And might I add the last . If you’re reading this blog you’re interested in learning ‘how.’ And frankly if you’re at how, you’ve already made up your mind on starting. Or you have come to the conclusion that you will read this blog, talk about your plans for the rest of your life to people who will eventually ignore you and 20 years later, you will see the only person standing in your way was you. Either way, for the folks who are ready to stop talking, step one: figure out what you really want to do. Sounds simple? Can be. Sometimes not. We rarely acknowledge that we can get what we want. It’s not your fault per se. It’s part of the 9-5, two week vacation brainwashing. What you need to do is reach beyond the sky for alien-base and go from there. Going further means thinking beyond; beyond what you have come to know as normal and being brave enough to be what you wanted to be before life stepped in.

My failure: You probably missed the page with my short bio but my background is in the nonprofit industry yet I own an event planning company (and a degree in journalism and a master in public administration…you do the math!). Initially however, I started my company as a nonprofit consulting firm. Why? In part, there was so much change; it was easier for me to rest in the comfortable routine. But that meant, I would have been trading one hell for another and 20 years later, I would have realized that I kidda took a chance but not beyond what was comfortable. Four months later, Artistic Solutions was incorporated as an event planning company because what my bio doesn’t tell you is, that’s what I would’ve done before life stepped in. You’re next.
Happy Creation

Dawn Callahan owns a national event planning company focusing on corporate and social events. She also managed a blog supporting new business owners.