Blogging Tips – Write Viral Content In 15 Minutes!

Admit it.

Each time we write content, we hope that it passes from screen to screen and gets shared all over the world.

We bloggers want to spend more time with our families. We want the freedom to write what we want. We want our writing to help people in one way or another.

When you write a blog post and publish it, you hope it goes viral. People will love it and they start recognizing you as a professional blogger. Your post get millions of traffic, and your inbox gets flooded with offers, requests, and appraisals from top people in your niche.

After all, that’s the dream, right?

But, still, there’s one challenge most bloggers face. It’s the Writing Viral Content. No matter how depth our research is, how well our content strategy is, most of the times, we fail. We fail to deliver readers’ expectations. And, today, I’ll be covering how bloggers can teach themselves to write viral contents.

For over 4 years, I’ve been working with Entrepreneurs from different niche to help them with their Mobile app development ideas of their startups and promote it. And what I’ve observed so far is that writing viral content to encourage people to use their products played an important role for making their startups successful.

For any post to go viral, it’s got to be useful content included, but with good amplification. You must know what triggers people to share a blog post in the first place.

And, if you don’t know what makes people share a post, don’t worry, this is where I come in. Just keep reading.

Content Strategy – Keep It Relatable And Insightful

The only secret writing a viral piece of content is this – write what you know.

Ok, it’s not a secret. But, this is where you should start. First, before writing, gather data about what interests your readers. What will help them? What do they want to learn about? You can find this by researching on the blogs they surf.

Another factor is, find what kind of contents they usually share?

Browse through the platforms they generally hang out. What content they are retweeting, sharing, commenting on.

I bet, most probably the content they share will be either express of a strong feeling or belief, informative, insightful, or funny.

What we learn from it is this – viral posts are specific. If you take any viral post and read it, you’ll notice that the content of a post will never derail from the main subject. This is what your objective of writing post should be.

Generally, when we start writing, millions of stories float around in our head and we get pretty excited to write them all. But, it’s bad for your post. In fact, for any post.

Your objective should be sticking to The One Story. The story which will evoke emotions, the story which is relatable to most of your readers. The story which is insightful.

Write To Teach Something

Let me explain you with an example. I love eggs but I couldn’t boil them perfectly. I read one interesting blog last month. It explained me precisely how to boil perfect eggs, and I thought, “Oh! This is how it’s done. I’ve been, so far, doing it totally wrong.”

That article REALLY helped me to learn something.

In short, your readers should be able to learn something from your post, not just gain a piece of information that they might already know.

Once you find out what your readers are trying to learn, you can easily write down the steps in a simple way, and post it where your readers hang around. Your readers will love you for making their life easier and they’ll hit share buttons to repay you for your help.

Promotion Needs To Be Done Both Ways – Make Sure You Do Your Role

After you publish your blog post, your job isn’t done yet. You need a couple of tricks or a promotion plan to give your content a head start.

This is where social media platforms come in handy. Think where your readers hang out. Which social media platforms they spend their time? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest?

Go to those platforms and write shareable posts, retweetable tweets, and pinnable pins. Tag niche leaders and people who would love your content in posts. And, lastly, #hashtag the heck out of it.

Final Thoughts…

When you’re trying to write a viral content, it all comes down to two major and essential goals – creating value and your readers.

Keep your eyes always on the prize. And, when writing the content, remember that it’s all about giving your audience value.

Yuvrajsinh is a Business Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies, mainly known for iOS app development. He keeps exploring online tools that can help Entrepreneurs to grow their business organically. In his spare time, he loves to read Fiction and Copywriting books.

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