Body Image

Body image is something that can plague us all. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who is absolutely content with how they look; too tall, too short, too heavy, too much hair not enough hair and on goes the self critique. Wouldn’t it be great if we could wake up every day check ourselves out in the mirror and think, man I am looking fine today!

Instead what seems to happen more often than not is that we search for anything that reinforces our need to be less than perfect. Is perfection so daunting that we have to take comfort in sabotaging the possibility of it. There must be some truth to that or we wouldn’t be so quick to taunt ourselves with all of our imperfections even on days when we’re feeling good.

Here’s what I have learned. Never point out your perceived flaws to other people. Chances are they have never noticed them. What you see as a glaring physical peccadillo is likely a non-issue to those who cast their gaze on you. If you point out that you have a crooked tooth, that tooth has just taken center stage and you have distracted your onlooker from seeing the best of you.

Secondly, no one is perfect, at least not in a mathematical way. There is perfection, however, in the imperfect. We are all attracted to people for different reasons. That physical characteristic that drives you crazy may be just the quality that completes the vision of flawlessness for someone else.

Lastly, your external traits are yours and yours alone. They are what make you unique and serve in creating your ‘personal brand’ if you will. Take your physical self out for a walk, head held high with pride. There is no other peacock out there just like you. Own that.

Are you hard on yourself about your body image? When will you give yourself a break and relax into being happy with how you look right now?

Caird Urquhart is Founder and President of Newroad Coaching, a boutique coaching firm providing one-on-one personal and business coaching services and also author of 30 Ways To Better Days: How to Rally After You’ve Been Dumped. Find Newroad Coaching on their blog and on Twitter and YouTube.



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