Do Body Wraps Work for Weight Loss?

These days it seems as though people will try just about anything to shed some pounds…even looking in the direction of body wraps. Many body wraps are done at the spa. If you’re opting for the slimming body wrap, your measurements will be taken first. Many spas then exfoliate the “problem areas” A.K.A. the areas where you’re feeling a bit chubby. This will help to get rid of the dead skin cells and help improve circulation. Then your body is covered in a solution of your choosing. Some people get seaweed. Some lean towards clay or other things. Once this is done, your body is wrapped in warm cotton bandages to soak everything in. Some places will go further and wrap you in plastic to seal up everything and create more heat.

What Do Body Wraps Do?

The idea is to tighten your skin, get rid of toxins, and potentially lose some inches. So, when you are done and unwrapped, a set of measurements will be taken again to see if any inches were lost. Many times people will see that they dropped an inch or two in different parts of their bodies.

Are There Health Risks?

Doctors warn that body wraps may dehydrate the body, thus doing more harm than good. That’s why it is very important to know just what is being put on your body in the process. Also, be aware of the minerals and other ingredients in the body wrap solutions. Some people have been known to get an allergic reaction. Also, don’t have anything put on any existing open wounds or rashes.

Am I Really Losing Weight?

body wrap

That’s the million dollar question. The short answer is no. Any immediate weight loss is the result of the excess water leaving your skin. So, while some people think this will be a permanent fix, the truth is, it is only temporary. Although you may see some inches lost and you may feel a bit more slender, remember it is a result of your body being compressed. Once the body and cells have time to decompress, they will go back to their original shape. Doctors say you cannot lose fat cells with body wraps. You can only change their appearance…for a short amount of time.

As we’ve all heard before, the only way to truly lose weight and keep it off is through having the right diet and to exercise. Sorry to poke a hole in your body wrap, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off, body wraps are not the way to go.

What about DIY Body Wraps?

These are the ones doctors specifically warn about because there is really no supervision. If you are prone to dehydration or have kidney problems, doctors suggest staying away all together. Although they may be cheaper, the savings may not be worth the risk.

What are Body Wraps Good For?

Since body wraps are not a permanent fix when it comes to weight loss, many wonder why go through the trouble at all? Well, those who have done it, say body wraps offer a quick fix to feel slender. Other people say the process is relaxing and makes them feel good. Since toxins are being released, people who have received body wraps say this makes them feel rejuvenated. For others, the idea of a spa treatment is exciting and relaxing within itself, no matter what it is.

So, before you get all wrapped up in the hype, be sure you know what you’re getting into and what you won’t be getting out of it. Do your research to find reputable places to get your body wrap. Check online for reviews and ask around. Sometimes word of mouth is your best reference point.



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