Barbara Corcoran’s Shark Tales: How I turned $1000 into a Billion-Dollar Business

Barbara Corcoran's Shark Tales

Barbara Corcoran’s Shark Tales: How I turned $1000 into a Billion-Dollar Business

Also known as: “If you don’t have big breasts, put ribbons on your pigtails & other lessons I learned from my mom” by Barbara Corcoran

(Which was the version that I read before Shark Tales came out.)

Alright, let me give you some background. This is a memoir/business manual from a New Jersey-born real-estate spitfire who started out on the “wrong side of the tracks.” She spells out in perfect detail her story of borrowing $1000 bucks from a boyfriend (which is now an ex-boyfriend; sorry for the spoiler) and transforming it into a $4 billion dollar business (Start-Ups and Small Business Owners, take notes!).

What made this book different from others in its category wasn’t just the humor and heartfelt rollercoaster of emotions along the way, but was its practical side. Barbara takes you through each step and facet of her manic life and paints a subtle step-by-step guide to manifest similar results in your own life and business practices. She compares lessons that she learned from her mother alongside real-world experiences she had experienced in her journey towards growing her business. One of the lessons she learned from her mother was this, “Mom’s Lesson #6: Put the Socks in the Sock Drawer and the Business Lesson that she puts alongside it is, “The Lesson Learned about Organizing a Business.” This simple lesson helped her discover emerging markets and track the source of her customer referrals. Major assets towards building a Billion dollar business, if I say so myself.

Here are some gems from the book that will get your sales buds drooling:



Mom’s Lesson #6: Put the socks in the sock drawer

The Lesson Learned about Organizing a Business

Good systems make plans happen. Here’s how the organizational systems introduced at the first Corcoran Group sales meeting would help build my business over the next twenty-five years.

1. Check the Box

The commission request form enabled me to get an unprecedented amount of information from my sales agents. Like other independent contractors, real estate agents, closely guard information related to their clients. But they willingly gave me the information simply because I made the process easy and because they wouldn’t get paid without it.

In New York, change happens in a New York minute, and the back side of my commission request form captured it as it happened.

Here are three ways to use the power of information to help build a business:

Early information helps predict emerging markets.

New York’s a town where there’s always someone coming and someone going, and the answers my salespeople consistently provided on the commission request form enabled me to stay ahead of those changes.

In the late seventies, my little checked boxes helped predict the emergence of Manhattan’s “new” West Side. For decades, property values on the West Side had trailed far behind those of the East Side, but in 1979, the margin narrowed dramatically, almost overnight. The answers my sales agents provided showed that the customers moving to the West Side were the children of the affluent parents on the East Side, and the young “thirtysomethings” were fast becoming the norm. Although, everybody said I was crazy, I immediately opened a huge West Side office and was positioned to ride the crest of the wave….(to read more purchase the book via amazon)

(End of Excerpt)


She also provides a check-list manual in the back of her book covering how-tos on topics such as:How to Make a Business Plan that WorksHow to Pick up, Speak Up, and Hang up the Phone,How to Educate, Motivate, and Satiate the Customer,and How to Communicate, Negotiate, and Close the Sale, etc.

If you are getting into sales, starting up, or are a small business owner looking to improve your brand, this book is a MUST-READ. So stop procrastinating and buy it already!

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Best of Love!

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