Boost Your Career with Continuing Education


If you feel your career has stagnated, continuing education might be the answer. Advanced education and training of workers not only positively impacts the national economy, but also leads to a better, more fulfilling lifestyle for individual workers. Upgrading your credentials through education creates more job opportunities as well as more opportunities for promotion. There are a number of options for those who seek to increase their expertise, desirability to employers, earning potential and chances for advancement. Here are some ways to continue your education even if you are already a part of the workforce.

Online Degrees

More and more universities give you the opportunity to earn bachelor’s degrees and even graduate degrees online. Though it is not always easy to balance work and study, if you are motivated enough, you can make it happen. Be sure you let your employer know if you are planning to head back to school online. It is also to your employer’s benefit when you learn additional credentials. You may find that your employer is willing to help you out by allowing you to study during slack times at work and even by adjusting your schedule when you are preparing for examinations. An undergraduate degree is the first step, of course, but after that the sky is the limit, with a multitude of choices of areas of graduate degree study. Choose from hundreds of online business courses – start your 7-day free trial today!

Massive Open Online Classes

Massive open online classes, or MOOCs, are rapidly gaining in popularity. They are typically offered through organizations founded by top professors from bona-fide universities, and are taken by hundreds or even thousands of students. They involve lectures, discussion boards and assessments that can be completed at your own pace. Some are individually graded by instructors, while others use grading software. In 2013, the American Council on Education began recognizing some MOOCs for academic credit. They are useful to prepare for further college courses or for professional development. Taking a number of MOOCs is a significant step towards career enhancement.


Certification can be acquired either online or by doing coursework at a community college. When you work towards earning a certificate, you zoom in on a particular field of study, usually one with practical skills needed in a specific type of workplace. Those with college degrees can benefit from one or more certificates on their resume. Even holders of graduate degrees earn pay raises and advancement through acquiring specific certification. Some certificates require you to complete several courses, while others only need one or two. Certification enables you to stay on the cutting edge of continuing education. Companies need managers and other overseers, and professional development courses make you stand out from others under consideration. As with all continuing education, be sure you have a clear goal of what you want to accomplish before you pursue certification. Get the career edge you need. Enroll in any Specialization risk-free with a 7-day free trial on Coursera.

Other Options

Sometimes professional associations or companies offer courses in learning how to handle special software, design websites or learn computer coding. These courses are usually offered in self-paced online modules. An alternative to online learning is looking into adult education classes at nearby career or community colleges. These classes are often offered with professional people in mind, with schedule options that include evenings and weekends. Interested in the design, development and programming of games but not sure where to start? Coursera has something for everyone with courses from top universities – enroll in any Specialization today for a 7 day free trial.

One consideration many people have when contemplating continuing their education is the cost. However, financial aid is often available to help you reach your goals. Online degrees, MOOCs, certification programs and community college classes are less expensive than taking a full regimen of traditional college courses, and scholarship aid can go a long way in taking your career to the next level.

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