Bootstrap an Online Store in Less Than an Hour

Creating a professional online store doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need any special technical skills, and you don’t need a degree in eCommerce.

And the best part is you don’t need a lot of money!

While that may sound like a dream come true, it’s possible if you choose the right eCommerce platform for the products you are selling. There are great platforms that are user-friendly, and affordable. They take the stress out of eCommerce, and let you focus on building your business. You can easily bootstrap a beautiful, professional looking online store in less than an hour!

Here are three different ways to have an online store if selling craft, digital products, or your own branded products.


If you sell handmade goods, vintage items (over 20 years old) or craft supplies, Etsy is a good choice. It’s like a marketplace for homemade crafts. There is no membership fee, it costs $.20 to list an item, and there’s a 3.5% transaction fee on the sale price. You can customize your shop with your own logo or header, add multiple sections, and add links to your social media accounts. You don’t need any special technical skills and Etsy has a very supportive craft community.

Rough & Tumble showcases their leather and wax canvas bags on their Etsy shop. They can even list what items are on sale.



A good choice for selling from your own website or if want a hassle free ecommerce website is Selz. It’s perfect for selling digital products like ebooks or tutorials. The clean interface makes it really quick and easy to add individual items or a shopping cart to any page on your website. It doesn’t cost anything to get started, and you effectively get a free store. Plus you have the flexibility to extend your store with a range of free and low priced apps. Selz has a flat rate of 5% + 25 cents per sale which covers the costs of the credit card or PayPal cost.

One of their newest apps, StorePro, means you can customize the look of your store using themes. The themes on Selz mean your customers will be able to view your store from any smart phone or tablet. So they won’t miss any valuable sales.

Jessica Sepel is a health blogger and wellness coach. She sells a variety of health-related products on her Selz store, including meal plans, shopping lists, and a detox guide.



If you create your own designs, CafePress is a great way to sell your products. You can add your original designs to hats, t-shirts, water bottles, bags and more. CafePress offers two types of shop services plans. Option A has no up-front costs and they deduct 10% of your royalties. Option B allows you to pre-pay $6.95 per month and save money on fees. You can easily customize your shop, plus CafePress handles all transaction fees, customer service, and returns.

If you want to sell your own branded products, CafePress is a great option. National Geographic, Paramount and ABC TV all have stores powered by CafePress.


There’s Nothing Holding You Back!

With a little time, and no money down, you can bootstrap your own online store today. Lots of business owners are nervous because they don’t have any special design skills, and they don’t have any eCommerce experience.

But these new eCommerce platforms let you easily create your own store, no matter what type of products you intend to sell, and they handle the entire sales process. You don’t have to worry about fraud protection, or secure checkouts. Plus, they allow you to create a professional store that fits your brand’s image. When you bootstrap your online store, you can focus your time and money into marketing your business. You can spend your time engaging customers, not worrying about the technical side of your online business.

There’s no reason you can’t open your own online store today, and start profiting tomorrow!

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