Brand Aesthetics for Small Business Owners



Your brand is your number one selling tool. You can attract customers or drive away customers based on your brand’s aesthetics- the look, the feel, the memorability factor.


The Look. Most customers judge a book by its cover. As a small business owner it’s important that your brand is visually appealing. When a brand is visually appealing it has an effortless way of attracting customers. Whether you’re creating a new brand or giving your existing brand a makeover, a great look starts with a great color concept, a sleek logo, and nicely designed marketing materials (website, infographics, business cards, etc.).


The Feel. How do customers feel when they come across your brand, what vibe does it give off. Creating the right vibe can prove profitable. One sure way to give off a great vibe is to ensure your customers have a pleasant customer-service experience.


The Positioning. Brand positioning is important because it provides a clear distinction between you and your competitor. How you position your brand determines your brand’s reputation.


The Memorability Factor. It’s not about who buys from you today, but who remembers you tomorrow. (nice! re-read that line). A key part of making your brand memorable is ensuring the look, the feel, and the positioning are all in sync.



Krystal Glass is the CEO of Krystal Glass Communications– a communications firm specializing in small business marketing among other things.

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