Branding: Picking the Best Brand Name for Your Business

personal brand brandingSo on the most recent #StartUpFridays discussion we posted relevant information on finding the right brand name for your small business or startup. I want to start out with how I picked the name for Inspiremecafe and then talk about some other ways you can jump into the name game of branding your company or business!

First, off one day I just decided that I was going to start a blog. It was official. I was going do it, and now I just needed a name to go with my inspiration blog. So I went to and just started inputting in different names that I liked and see if their domain had already been taken or not.

One of the worst things that I didn’t want to run into was finding the perfect name and discovering that the domain was taken already and on top of it, it’s been trademarked!

As a side note, if for whatever reason you feel strongly about using a certain name for your business and the domain is already taken check for these things first:When is the domain supposed to be renewed and who owns the domain (ie. how long they have ownership of the name and who you have to bargain with to get it

  1. Many people scalp domains they don’t plan on using to try to sell back that domain at a higher price to someone else who wants it (You might have to do A LOT of negotiating on price to get that domain, or if you are lucky their contract on the domain is ending soon and they don’t plan on renewing it!)
  2. Check a trademark site to see if the name has been trademarked yet (Google or Bing is a first step to see if a business or individual is currently using the name, but you should still go through a search engine on a trademark specific site to validate if it is legally taken or not.)
  3. So, I chose because of two reasons: 1. was already taken by another inspiration blog 2. I really enjoyed and found their naming process to be quite hysterical (It’s found in the introduction section of their book, SoulPancake: Chew on Life’s Big Questions by Rainn Wilson) so I did what they did for the ending of the name, and I got to say it’s grown on me!
  4. Now I admire all the advice that is out there telling you how to pick the perfect name for your business, but at the end of the day it’s the same as picking a name for your newborn, you go with what feels right.
  5. So to get in tuned with your intuition and to strengthen your “feels right” muscles here is one quick tip to get you started (play around with it if you’d like!):


 Look around and see what catches your eye.

When I was running around White Plains a month ago, I ran past an Italian Deli called the, “Iron Tomato”

In my personal opinion, it’s a pretty strong brand name for a restaurant . So, I wanted to see if it lived up to its name. (It so did, by the way! The chicken Panini is great!) Maybe it’s just me and it’s my personal preference, but any restaurant that has in its name a food item has me going, especially tomato. There’s another restaurant in Fairfield called, Tomato Basil  (Two food items!).

What names have made you stop and want to check them out?

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