Brawny Honors Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Brawny is offering a limited edition paper towel pack that replaces the traditional Brawny Man with four women that are breaking down barriers and empowering others to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles. Click here to learn more about how to break down barriers to start a new business.

The Brawny Man is stepping aside as part of Brawny’s #strengthhasnogender initiative. For Women’s History Month, Brawny is partnering with Girls Inc. They will contribute $75,000 to help encourage more enthusiasm among girls toward academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as part of their SMART program.

women's history month

Brawny honors and celebrates the strong women who inspire us all. Click here to read about the five reasons to empower more women as business leaders.

Check out the History of Strength Redefined.

The New Faces of Brawny

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour  is the first black female combat pilot in the U.S. Armed Forces. She became an officer in the Marine Corp, in 1998, just three short years after they started bringing in female pilots in 1995.

Vernice is an author and professional speaker that believes that the courage to be you is paramount. She questions who writes the rules and refuses to be limited by those standards. Vernice “FlyGirl” writes her own rules and continues to break down barriers for women of future generations. She sees women as a source of strength and that our military is stronger with the ladies in it.

Dr. Anna Kornbrot

Dr. Anna Kornbrot is in the spotlight for Women’s History Month because she is the first female to graduate from her Ivy League School. She was in engineering school, and when she applied to get a second degree at her Ivy League School, she was denied because, at the time, the college did not accept female students.

As a victim of sex discrimination, she was not deterred and is today a highly successful oral surgeon. She credits her strength to her parents. Her parents were both Holocaust survivors and were immigrants to the U.S. Her parents often reminded her that one must have resilience because that is what strength is.

Brittany Wenger

In honor of Women’s History Month, Brittany will be featured on the Brawny limited edition pack. Brittany is a college senior, a self-taught coder, and the inventor of the Cloud 4 Cancer. She was only 15 when her cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer, so she was able to witness, first hand, the impact and the toll that cancer has on the patient and their family.

Brittany bought herself a coding book and commandeered all the computers in her family as she worked to invent her breast cancer detection program. Her program diagnoses 99% of breast cancer cases correctly.

With her program results, she was the winner of the Google Science Fair. Brittany believes that it is her intellectual strength that is most vital to her as a college student. With mental strength, she has the vigor to seek out new questions and develop creative solutions.

women's history month

Dr. Patty Lopez

Brawny will feature Dr. Patty Lopez in honor of Women’s History Month. Patty is a Data Center Engineer. She has been granted seven patents in technical areas and is a STEM leader. As the only woman in a field of men in the technology field, she did not succumb to the pressure and scrutiny that often accompany women that come into a male dominated group.

Dr. Lopez did not adhere to the books that instructed her to behave a certain way, talk a certain way, or look a certain way. She decided that she was going to be herself and if it did not work out then so be it. She believes that if you make it about work rather than gender, then anything is possible.

women's history month

Thank You Brawny

I am delighted that Brawny is taking steps to increase the enthusiasm of girls for STEM, and they are highlighting strong, intelligent women that are breaking down barriers and serving as role models for future generations. Thank you Brawny for recognizing that strength has no gender.

I think it is more important than ever to send a message to young girls and women everywhere that although we have overcome obstacles and have come a long ways; we still have further to go.

Like the women before us that have forged the paths and opportunities now available to us, so to will the woman spotlighted on the Brawny paper towels and future generations filled with strong, intelligent, courageous women.

women's history month

Thank you for putting such amazing women in the spotlight to encourage and empower other women to achieve their dreams, and for donating to Girls Inc.

Yes, women have a long ways to go, but with the support of great products like Brawny, we are on the right path. Join me in being a part of history and purchase the limited edition paper towels to support and recognize all women’s accomplishments.

women's history month


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