Breaking Barriers to Start a New Business

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As founders of a five-site web publishing company with millions of visitors a month, we are frequently asked what kind of tech backgrounds we have. People are invariably surprised to learn that, prior to launch, we had none.

When we started Project Eve, we had a solid fifteen-year friendship, business degrees, 25+ years combined in high finance, and a deep commitment to start a company that supported and promoted women through the many career transitions in their lives. We were passionate about these women because we knew these women and we were these women. These women are the ones dying to escape a cube and start their own thing. They are the moms itching to get back into the workforce after taking time off. They are the Romantic Poetry majors wondering what career to pursue with their freshly minted degrees. We knew if we could get these women together to support, celebrate, help and inspire one another as they moved through career transitions we would all be better off.

Just because we were committed, enthusiastic, and had enough savings to bootstrap our dream didn’t mean we faced an easy road to launch. As we went about searching for a way to design and develop our first website we were told over and over again we should bring in a technical co-founder. As we were interviewing a partner at one web development firm, we were stunned when he started yelling that we should just go hire one of the countless women who had “quit on him to have babies.” Wow. Other firms put together slick presentations and quoted rates that appeared to have a 100x markup relative to the going norm. Maybe they thought we were too inexperienced to get competing quotes? No thanks.

Our inexperience helped make us fearless. The opposition made us even more determined to find a creative way to make it work. In the end, we tested the waters with a beta site on a turnkey platform while we stayed up through all hours of the night working with a soft-spoken developer in India to create a site of our own. Over the years, we both learned enough about coding and technology to perform multiple redesigns of Project Eve on our own and design and launch four additional sites supporting women throughout their lives.

Emboldened by the obstacles we faced starting Project Eve we are doubly committed to celebrating the success of other women and enterprises that support them when they take unconventional paths to success. Are you a startup? Join us and share your Startup Story so we can celebrate you and your success.

Starting a Business: Kim and Meridith on their excellent adventure!
Starting a Business: Kim and Meridith on their excellent adventure!


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