Saturday, July 2, 2022

RTP: Brick & Mortar VS Online Casinos

There was a time not long ago when if you wanted to indulge in some slots action or casino table game action, then your only choice was to visit a bricks and mortar casino establishment. Before 1996 nobody could envisage that a time would come when all casino games could actually one day be made available to the public, in the comfort of their own homes.

In 1996 this did happen and now online casinos vastly outnumber land-based casinos. What’s more, online casinos are also far more popular too. However, land-based casinos have a rich history that spans hundreds of years and although they are feeling the pinch from the popularity of online casino games, they are not ready to disappear just yet. This is because many punters enjoy the social aspect of dressing up and actually physically attending a casino establishment. Obviously you get a more complete experience despite a lot of land-based casinos being aimed more towards high rollers.

Online Casinos

Although online casinos do not offer a night out and a taste of the uniqueness a visit to a casino has to offer, they are extremely convenient and you can play your favourite games whilst relaxing in the comfort and safety of your own home, or you can play games on the go courtesy of mobile gaming platforms. The game choice is much larger too and every budget is catered for. Another positive is that welcome offers are far more generous online when compared to bricks and Mortar establishments. It is also safer to play online because you are not out and about with large sums of cash on you or with your bank cards on your person.

Gaming Experience

The gaming experience at land-based casinos is different to online casinos, because there is more of an atmosphere to enjoy and more of a buzz created by other players and the games that they are playing. This can be quite distracting to some though who like to concentrate on their slot game. RTP scores at land-based casinos are harder to track down than online casinos and RTP scores differ from casino to casino which means they are inconsistent and do not really help punters choose their slots wisely. However, generally bricks and mortar casinos have lower RTP score slots than online casinos.

RTP Scores Online

The RTP score is much easier to find online and this is because all RTP scores must be displayed as part of the licensing laws. Online slots tend to payout better and have higher RTP scores than their land-based casino cousins. This could be down to the fact that online casinos can afford to be more generous because they make more money than land-based casinos. Other reasons can simply be down to numbers. Online slot sites are held on digital platforms that can hold hundreds of slots and high RTP score slots are more likely to be included in the vast slots libraries and this helps boost the reputation of online casinos.

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