Bringing A Better Design Process To Your Organization

The design process is everything, although it is also often overlooked in favor of a ‘do it as we go’ type approach.

Just consider the last few projects you’ve undertaken. When you look at the original goals were they well defined and the goals achieved, did the end product meet the need of your customer or your own business? Perhaps most importantly, did it get completed and delivered on time?

If it didn’t then it’s time you looked at your current design process and revised it. If you get the design right the rest of the process will follow naturally and the end result will do exactly the job it’s supposed to do!

Try using these tips to improve your design process:

Check Your Website

If you’re offering a product then you want it to appeal to the right customer and for them to have the opportunity to engage with you regarding future development or customization. 

For this to be an option you need to look at the layout of your site and your marketing opportunities. If you’re not sure where to start on this then it’s worth taking a look at Website Design by Quikclicks, they’ll help you lift your business to the next level.

Draw Up Goals

The first stage of improving any design process is to know what your goals are. This is what you intend the process to do. This will be the benchmark for the success of your project and the goals should be held in mind at every step of the production/design process.

Look At The Workflow

Whether you’re designing a product from scratch or simply want to improve the efficiency of an established process, you need to understand the workflow. This is the process by which the work is completed on a daily basis and, the ones that understand this part of the process best, are those using it every day.

This is the real secret to an improved workflow, speaking to those that will be using the system and getting them to help with the process. The aim is to have something more efficient for them, not just something that appears more efficient on paper.

Understand Regulations

Before you start your design process you should know the regulations that apply to a specific industry. This can seriously complicate the design, especially if data protection is an issue such as in medical software.

Knowing the regulations will allow you to ensure that the finished product complies with them while being a more efficient system.

Test It

Before you implement any new process test it. You should be able to do this without disrupting normal procedures. The aim is to test it through the system and use the standard operators. You’ll then get feedback which can be used to improve the process further.

This will help to ensure the finished process reaches the pre-defined goals and is actually beneficial. This is a great time to review the process and ensure it is as simple as possible, the easier it is the more likely it will be to be successfully implemented.