Building a Brand Through Digital Marketing

Now more than ever, digital marketing is what can make or break a brand. With smartphones and tablets, chances are that much of your target market is constantly connected with the digital world at their fingertips. Since they are there in the digital sphere already, it is up to your business to implement its brand into the digital world that unfolds before their eyes. Build a strong brand in the way you portray it on social media, on its website, in blogs, and in online advertisements. These media channels are what will help create an active and engaged online community of followers (that are or that will become loyal supporters and customers). There are seemingly endless ways to build a brand through digital marketing efforts, but a few methods stand out above the rest.

Make Your Domain Name SEO-Friendly
The domain name that you choose for your brand needs to be memorable and relevant to its industry, but also one that will yield strong results within search engines. Building your brand in part means building your target market’s knowledge about it and increasing its level of exposure. To make your brand’s website more likely to show up in someone’s Google search results, make your domain name one without hyphens (they can make your brand seem more generic and less like a brand) and one that includes a word or words that pertain to your industry or what it is you offer, if possible.

Ensure Your Site is Compatible with Mobile Devices
Today, if a smartphone user pulls up your brand’s website on their device and the site’s formatting is askew and clearly not made to perform its best off the screen of a desktop computer, your brand loses credibility instantly. Making websites both desktop and mobile-friendly has become such a standard practice in web development and design that ignoring the need for site uniformity across the two different channels of accessing it will cost you.

Engage Your Social Media Community
Your brand’s social media accounts are definitely places you want to establish and project your brand’s personality. With a distinctive brand personality, you will attract and maintain followers, as well as engage social media users to interact with your online brand. Utilize new Story and Live features to give viewers a peek behind the scenes. Offer promotions and discount codes. Create and post beautiful content that best showcases the goods or services your business sells. Draw your followers in and get them talking about your brand through what you share and the conversations you start.

Start a Blog
Including a blog on your business’s website is a great way to show more of who you are as a brand. By creating and publishing content, you are able to communicate both what your brand thinks is important and interesting and about which topics your brand has expertise. With a blog, you can also invite guest bloggers to develop and share content. Who you choose as guest bloggers will further communicate to followers and readers what exactly your brand values and wants to convey as its personality.

Although print media is still alive and can be useful, digital marketing is fast-paced, comes in many forms, and has the potential to be interacted with much more easily. Maximize its power to build a strong and recognizable brand for your business.

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