Building a successful business


Building a successful business

This weekend, we had the experience of debuting Happy Fix at the Raleigh Flea Market at the North State Carolina Fairgrounds.  We’ve been going to this flea market since we moved here in 2000 as visitors.  It’s fun to walk around, people watch, and to treasure hunt.


As a visitor, all you notice when you walk through is the hustle and bustle.  People of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds are walking around the grounds.   They are old.  They are young.  They are from different states and countries.  Some are looking to buy, some are just browsing.  Everybody is keeping their eyes open for a killer deal.  In all the times I’ve been there, I’d never given any thought to how it all came together.


This weekend was different.  We were on the selling side of the flea market.  Getting there at seven o’clock  gives you a whole different perspective from arriving after everyone has set up and has  been at work for a couple of hours.  When we got to our booth, there were already people setting up and ready to spend the next eight or nine hours selling their wares.


When you visit the Flea Market, everything is so put together.  It looks like a mini-city that has been there for eons.  Everything is where it’s supposed to be.  The vendors are haggling and hustling.  You don’t see the hard work that goes into setting things up.  We saw people struggling to get their tent up.  Some had to run home because they forgot to bring hangers to showcase their Happy Fix Shirts (yeah, that was us).  There were vendors helping other vendors getting their booths ready for the day.  People spent time arranging their products so visitors would check them out and buy them.


What I saw this weekend is a microcosm of life.  We look at actors or singers and famous brands and call them overnight successes.  What we don’t see are the years, sometimes decades of struggle that goes into that overnight.  Let’s face it, some “overnights” can be excruciatingly long.


The take away from all of this is that “overnight successes” are few and far between.  Hard work, perseverance and cooperation are essential elements of success.  The good news is that success is completely in your control.  Enjoy the journey.  The bad news?  There is no bad news.


What have you accomplished that looks easy from the outside, that in reality took perseverance, courage and strength to complete? Think about that accomplishment and let that accomplishment be your Happy Fix today!

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