Building Your Business



There is always a new way to do things. There is always a new, faddish plan for getting more eyeballs on your offers, your products, your services and your business opportunities but how long do they last?




And how much time do you have to put all that stuff in place? You can keep jumping from one strategy to the next but here is a deep secret for you to take on board right now – Everything works!




Everything has the potential to work for you if you work really hard and stay focused on making it work, rather than trying it for a week and then jumping on to the next thing and trying the next thing for another week and giving up on that and jumping back again.




Not great!




And of course, nothing will work in that time span, will it? And yet, you seem to be caught up in this hopeful space looking for what I can only describe as the easy button.




There is no easy button. And even if there was, it does not end anywhere good. You will do better to stick with a strategy that suits you and feels good because that will give you exactly what you want to do with your time. Remember, this is your life we are talking about here so don’t waste time trying to create wealth in ways that do not suit you.




OK, here are a few key things that you must do everyday to keep building your business consistently.




    • Grow your audienceEvery day, you MUST commit some time to inviting people to join your community. Whatever business you are in, you must daily be making new people aware of you and your business. You must daily be increasing your circle of influence. I cannot emphasize this enough. Without new faces each day, taking a look at your business, you will find that you start to stagnate. How can you do this? Two simple ideas – grow your social media presence, grow your mailing list with a free giveaway.


    • Communicate dailyWhat do you stand for? What do you stand against? Why do you sell what you sell? What do people need to know about it? What are they already asking about? Communicate this to your community daily in your voice. Use blog posts, videos, audios, new reports, white papers, presentations, articles, whatever you want.


    • Serve them with somethingMake sure that daily, you are offering something for sale. Whether on Social media or in your mailing list, ask people to take the next step with you each day. It could just be a ‘ps’ on the end of your daily communication and you ask people to go and take a look at your product, service or offer. Whatever you do, have a system of asking people to take the next step with you daily.




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