Business 101 for the 5 little monkeys

”5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one falls off and bumps his head, mama calls the dr and the Dr says…” – yeah you got it…

So, which monkey are you?
Did you jump off already, or are you on for the long haul?
If you’re jumping off, you want ask yourself why.

1) Share the space – you are unique
The world is a big place, there is enough room for us all …on the bed! ;-)
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We all have something to offer and share.
Competition is healthy ”they say”, but if it’s making you nasty, it’s not healthy. Keep your ego present, but tamed. As moments of weakness cross you, which they will, remember this scientific fact, it’s your DNA that makes you unique, therefore you are. Trust and you may not jump off the bed, well, not this time anyhow.

2) Perseverance
Whether we jump, sit or get pushed off, you better hang on, it will be a journey.

3) Own your vision
The Dr knows best? Sometimes. Listen to everyone and then do what you want. It’s your vision, own it. Then keep jumping, but, jump a little higher, not off.

4) Balance
Work – life – balance : Ugh, my least favorite saying of the century BUT if you’re jumping on that bed and if you’re now taking on #3 then jumping that little higher will definitely need you to find your balance. If you don’t you will fall off which leads me onto….

5) Failure
So you didn’t find your balance, huh? and now you’re flat on your face. De-friend the floor from your face, get back up again, re-position yourself and move on.

So, by now we understand the potential to be pushed off if you allow it, the value gain of inner belief & the facts – you are unique. With your new found security it’s time to…

6) Monkey see monkey do
Share button anyone?
How often do you share/retweet thoughts/words that you like written by friends? Call it nepotism or ”friend-ism”, it’s actually called support for the higher good of all. If you come from a place of security and you are certain about having a space in this world, then pressing ‘share’ will come naturally. I am not talking about the latest ”how to” or an inspirational message from a world renowned dead philosopher – I am talking about sharing the voice of the people in your network.

”A friend in need is a friend in deed” – Are you?

7) Support
As you jump the living daylights out of that bed, whilst simultaneously sharing and retweeting, there is always someone you know who is ”teetering on the edge”, reach out, give them a hand to hold on to.

8) Find the crazy
Crazy and mischievous is what we often associate with a monkey, it’s those traits that we should embrace in the face of adversity. Judgements and questions about you and what you offer will come in all shapes and sizes, be ready.

My recipe for success: a touch of humor + a touch of human + some monkey business

Elbows in (thx projecteve). Back straight. Shoulders down. Head high. Now pound – your – chest.
There is a room for us all, sisterhood people, sisterhood!


I am a Personal fashion stylist. Nutritionist. Motivational speaker. Writer. Personal shopper volunteer at Dress for Success.

My Focus: Have women create their own brand, voice, style & confidence.
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