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What Mode Is Your Business in for 2014?

How do you know if your business is ready for growth in the New Year? During a call with a coaching client in December the client asked the big question…am I ready to grow this year?

Is my staff ready for business growth?
Is my info structure able to handle the business growth?

My client has big plans for 2014 but she held some reservations about whether her staff was ready to handle the growth and whether her systems could sustain the growth she anticipated.

She is a smart leader. Why? Because she had the know how to ask the question instead of charging ahead. While she is personally ready to grow her business she knows that if her people systems and organizational systems are not where they need to be, they will never be able to support her strategic goals. Her business runs the risk of imploding without all the necessary systems in place.

The three systems of your business and how they impact the success of your business are listed below:

People Systems
Strategy Systems
Organizational Systems

Your People Systems surround your hiring, reviewing, and managing your staff. It’s about preparing new leaders within your business. It’s about recognizing when you have the wrong people in the wrong places. Without the right people in the right places you have no hope of executing your business strategy. Identifying those people who drain your company of its energy is key to having a successful people system. A good people system creates high energy and passion within your business.

Your Strategy System is the core of your business and in today’s environment it must be extremely fluid. It’s your business plan and strategies for your business. It’s the big picture! It’s where you keep track of your competitors, research new technology and the changing of your environment as it relates to your business. It has to do with financial, growth, and stability. A successful strategy system creates well-developed plans with the support and encouragement to execute!

Your Organizational Systems revolve around the strategy of your business. This includes clear goals and accountability for your staff through performance and rewards. It’s about recognizing changes and having a staff that is capable of working through those changes. It’s about execution and getting the right things done!

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