Business Hustle: Can Women Learn the Moves?

Business Hustle: Can Women Learn the Moves?

Forbes author and successful businessman, August Turak, identifies hustle as a distinguishing feature of those who succeed in business.

People addicted to hustle spend little if any time wishing the world was “fair”. Instead like an investor determined to beat the stock market, they rely on the social inefficiencies that others bemoan and turn them into golden opportunities. Hustlers seek life’s toughest challenges just for fun, and they like nothing better than being told “You can’t do that!” just so they can vigorously retort, “Oh yeah? Just watch me!” …Money is rarely the primary motivator, but merely the trailing indicator of a life that finds its primary satisfaction in “beating the odds” or “pulling it off.”

Over my years in business, I’ve engaged with men and women in a variety of opportunities. Generally speaking, men respond without hesitation, the way you move to cross a busy NY City street the nano second after (sometimes before) the pedestrian light goes green. Women, on the other hand, often have to be dragged, cajoled, reminded, pushed, pulled and otherwise. In business, as on the streets of NYC, this means getting lost in the crowd.

In one example of business hustle failure, a client hesitated to say “Yes” to a senior executive in her company who offered to be her sponsor. Why? She wasn’t sure what to ask him to

hustledo for her. For goodness sake, say “Yes” and figure that out later, or let him advise how he can help.

Speculating on the Evolution of Business Hustle Men hunted. Hunting is dangerous. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. The hunter survived and thrived, or not, based on acute awareness of the smallest changes in his surround. He was in a

state of high alert and responded on instinct. When the threat or opportunity appeared, he had to act instantaneously to save his life and to feed his family. We call this an instinct

for survival. It’s a good thing, a needed thing. Maybe it evolved into business hustle.

Women gathered. Gathering was done in groups and facilitated community building. It took place in smaller more open spaces as compared to hunting. One woman among many could be on alert for threats. Gathering may have evolved our abilities to multi-task and build relationships, and it may have developed our concern for community.

Women Can Learn the Business Hustle
Phyllis Mufson, career catalyst and 3Plus International coach and Shayna Joson, Managing Director, financial service industry, have mastered the business hustle. It is probably not coincidental that these women are also the sole or main support for themselves, and their families.

Learning the business hustle, begins with knowing and doing as follows:

Every relationship is a potential business opportunity
Create mutually beneficial relationships. Reach out and give. Phyllis, Shayna and Lucie give without concern for what they will get back. Paradoxically, they know and trust they will receive, but it is not their motivation for giving. The right people give back because they want to. They give back when they can, because they can.

Hustle is a verb
It requires action, a phone call, a meeting, reaching out to someone. It is an offer and an ask. It calls for a response when an offer is made. Hesitation opposes action.

If you are ready to hustle, here are a few low risk next steps.

1. Become active in a Linked In group by responding to or starting a discussion. (3Plus International has an active engaged group and you have an open invitation to join us, but you’d be wise to hustle over there now.)
2. If you work in a corporation, pick your head up and talk to people to uncover company problems you can help resolve. Then act. Get involved. Go beyond your day job. Get noticed as a problem solver who hustles.
3. Identify opportunities for others. Know some of them will respond in kind.
4.The next time someone names an opportunity for you, respond immediately, even if to say, “I’ll get back to you in 48 hours.” Then do as you say. Phyllis Mufson responded this way to me, and is now a 3Plus coach who completes complimentary career audits with new members.

Author: Dr. Anne Persochel CoFounder of 3Plus International

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