Why Your Business Needs Employee Scheduling Software

Business has not remained the same as it used to be in the past. There have been huge changes and the managers are working overboard with their needs to manage the employees and their schedules. Of course, we had so far relied on digitalized forms of spreadsheets and calendar solutions for employee scheduling. How about using web based employee scheduling software? In fact, with the employee strength increasing and growth of business moving at a faster speed – the ledgers and similar methods may not work effectively. That is where you feel the need for an automated employee scheduling app.  The Ximble App is the best option in that direction.


Why would your business need employee scheduling software?

There are several reasons why you need an employee scheduling app  for your business. The Ximble employee scheduling app can be a great solution in that regard, though there are many other alternatives as well. Check out the reasons that necessitate the need for an employee scheduling tool in running the business effectively.

Automated staffing and scheduling

An employee scheduling app can integrate with POS or CRM, and thus help you get a clear picture of the busiest hours of your business. It will help you adjust shifts based on the customer demands. The Ximble scheduling software can handle the rush hours in your business effectively by assigning the extra staff when it is needed.

Time saving

Compared to the manual methods used before, employee scheduling apps automate the process. This will help managers and employers save a significant amount of time. They can channelize this time to other constructive areas in developing the business. Ximble, for instance, lets you have a clear overview of the periodical schedules. You can customize the details to suit the exact customer needs.

A continuous accessibility

Employee scheduling apps  like Ximble offer you a way to get a 24 x 7 access to the schedules. Each of the employees has login credentials so that he or she can check their shift details on the move. The employees get the alerts in changes, if any, through emails, SMS or push notifications through the app. This will improve the level of communication.

Self scheduling

This is yet another feature that makes employee scheduling software crucial for a smoother running of your business. Employees can handle the last minute shift changes on their own. Instead of asking the management for a change in shift, they can communicate between themselves through private messaging within the system.

What makes Ximble an ideal choice?

When we speak of employee scheduling tools, Ximble is the first name that comes to our mind. So apart from the benefits that it offers you from among the ones described above, it has several other features to make it indispensable.

  • Integration with extra tools – Ximble can sync well with additional software like BambooHR, QuickBooks and EPSON. This is what makes the experience seamless.
  • Time tracking – Ximble lets you assess the labor costs effectively and thus can be helpful in avoiding time theft. Ximble tools let you manage the clock in and clock out times of the employees easily.
  • High-end mobility – Since the app is available on smartphones, you get a high-end mobility. Building the employee schedules, reviewing them or making any last minute changes – everything is handled easily.
  • ximbleChat – Ximble offers various add-ons, one of which is ximbleChat, an integrated communications platform. Staying in touch with your team is now made easy, thanks to ximbleChat.

Inspite of being a paid tool, they are quite affordable compared to the other options you may be using. Ximble, for instance, offers you a pricing of $0.75 to $2 per user per month depending on the plan you choose. We would definitely consider it to be one of the most economical options for effective employee scheduling.

And before we leave…

Employee scheduling software is the need of the hour in a changed business scenario. In fact, the ease of work and the time saving that it offers should take most of the load off from managers and HR departments. They become even more essential when you have multiple locations to manage. The fact that Ximble (or any other employee scheduling tools for that matter ) is available both on Android and iOS platforms should make it the best in terms of a seamless and uninterrupted management of your employee schedule.

Use it once, and you will realize the essence of using employee scheduling software for the betterment of your business. Share your experiences with us.


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