Caimin Jones

There are two types of startups.

The first is the headline grabbing type involving long days and nights of intensive & stressful work, pitching to potential investors for funding, networking with people you don’t necessarily like and possibly putting your home or relationship on the line for the project.

Aiming to be the next Google, almost all end being the next Cuil. If you don’t remember Cuil (and who does?) that proves the point.

But there’s another type of startup. It’s a less glamorous startup but it’s a business model that can provide you with an extra income stream, fund a college education or replace the dreaded 9-5 hamster wheel of work.

I call these Genius Startups because they’re simple but useful online businesses that provide a needed service to their users and a good income for the people who run them.

The good news is that being successful with this kind of startup doesn’t require a massive time investment, or a huge advertising & marketing budget. It doesn’t even require you to have an insanely original and unique idea – you just need to supply a useful service to your users.

That useful service can take the form of a product, an informational site, a niche directory, review site, your own product, an online community or forum, a web app – or any other type of site or idea you can think of.

Do I need to be a Web Developer or know about Web Design?

No, you don’t. If you already know about web design or developing – or want to learn – that’s great, you have another skill you can use. But if not, it doesn’t matter.

There are some really good services online that can help you get a good-looking and functional website up and running quickly. Many of these solutions are no more complicated that dragging and dropping the elements of your website with a mouse. And they’re not expensive.

So, if setting up a profitable business doesn’t have to involve being a web genius, a design guru or a large cash outlay, what does it involve?

The main things you’ll need are time and willingness to learn. As with learning anything, the more time you can spend on building & promoting your website the faster your progress will be. But even if you’re only able to spare a few hours a week you’ll make a surprising amount of progress.

Just devote what time you can and get started.

Wait, I’m busy – is there a shortcut?

Building an audience takes time, there’s no real shortcut for that. But the sooner your website is online, the quicker you can start creating content that attracts visitors.

If you need someone to get you online fast, I sometimes have time available for freelance projects. See the hire me page for details of what I can do for you.


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