Can Writing a Book Enhance Your Marketing Plan?

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Whether it’s a fast-paced thriller, a science fiction novel, a family memoir, or a how-to manual, most people have dreamed of writing a book at some point in their lives. For entrepreneurs, writing a book is more than a passion project. The words “author of” after your name can have profound meaning and positively affect your business and its marketing initiatives.

Publishing gurus around the web have coined the phrase “the book is the new business card.” There could be no better way to get to know you or your business than to spend two hundred pages in your presence. In addition, you will be more sought after for speaking engagements and viewed as an expert in your field.

If you’re interested in writing a book to enhance your business’ marketing initiatives and position yourself as an industry expert, it will require huge amounts of time and effort. Consider these tips and questions before you begin:
• Start writing something. We all know the scenes in films where authors stare at a blinking cursor with writers’ block. The solution? Don’t start with a book in mind. Write what you know. Write about your business, your industry, and your experiences, and you may find a larger theme or idea surfaces.
• Make a time commitment. If you already have your book idea, you’re going to have to stop talking about doing it and start actually writing it. Consider hiring an editor or consultant early in the process, mapping out a writing schedule with that individual, and asking him or her to keep you accountable. Then, follow through on your commitment.
• Traditional or self-publishing? Traditional publishing means shopping for a literary agent and ultimately dealing with long and often tedious processes within a large publishing company. Self-publishing maintains control of your publishing process but sacrifices the expert advice you might receive with a traditional publisher. Meet with publishing consultants, editors, and experts in the field to assess which avenue is the right one for you to take.
Ultimately, writing a book can be a powerful way to build your brand and enhance your company’s marketing initiatives, but by no means easy. Take time to plan, strategize, and choose your partners carefully before embarking on a publishing journey.


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