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When you become a mother, your wants and needs tend to take a backseat so that you can put your children first. While that’s perfectly natural, there also comes a time when you’re ready to take a closer look at what you want and need. That’s also perfectly natural. For many of us that means taking a closer look at our careers and what we can do to advance them while still taking care of our children. Many mothers dream of going back to school to get their degrees, but issues of time and money always stand in the way.

Now, Capella University’s FlexPath learning format aims to make getting that degree easiercapella for moms who have been putting it off for one reason or another. FlexPath is a revolutionary new way to earn your degree. Just as you may have had one child who learned to walk and talk faster than another, adults also do things at their own pace. Learning doesn’t come fast and easy for everyone. Capella knows that not everyone grasps all concepts at the same time. That’s why you can push the fast forward button on the topics you already know while pushing the pause button on those ideas you need more time to understand. Flexpath allows you to work at your own pace while still dealing with your everyday life.

That’s just the case for mom Andrea*. Andrea is a single mother of two children. While she had experience in her field, she didn’t have her bachelor’s degree. Doors kept getting shut in her face. So she decided to open a door for herself with Capella. Flexpath was especially appealing because she could work at her own speed while still being able to take care of her children. Andrea says, “I wanted to get things done quickly, and FlexPath afforded me that.” Today, she has her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. FlexPath worked so well for Andrea that she is not ruling out a FlexPath master’s degree in the future.

Success stories like Andrea’s prove that FlexPath was made for mothers who may not otherwise be able to get their degrees. Capella also helps to make the program affordable. You have no limit to the number of courses you can complete for one flat fee, each 12-week session. For example, with FlexPath you can earn your MBA in just 9 months for under $7,500.** This allows you to go at your own pace while keeping the price of education affordable.

If you’ve always wanted to go back to earn your degree, now is the time to look into the free FlexPath Guide. You can get more information on this revolutionary online learning format and hear more success stories like Andrea’s. FlexPath is currently available for select bachelor’s, master’s and MBA programs in Business, IT, Nursing, and Psychology. FlexPath is leading the way to show moms that it is possible to have it all. You don’t have to ride in the backseat all the time just because you have kids. Get in the driver’s seat and let Capella lead the way.

*Andrea is a real Capella graduate who agreed to be featured in Capella advertising.

**Program length and cost depends on the number of courses completed per 12-week session and the number of sessions at $2,400. Data based on MBA FlexPath graduates through June 2016.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Capella University. The opinions and text are all mine.


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