Career Change – Prepare To Take That Leap

Career Change – Prepare To Take That Leap

Oftentimes we launch into a chosen profession, do our best at it and stick with it through thick and thin. While this offers job security, it often becomes a restraint. Some women today find themselves in the same grind, sticking to soul-destroying jobs they have outgrown, feeling trapped, bored, tired . . . and old.

Luckily there is a way out of this pit, and so many women are taking it. But how prepared are you for your own career change? Before you rush out to trade in that tired old job for something new and invigorating, there is a lot of planning you need to do. After all you don’t want to give up the security of a steady paycheck when you haven’t got a solid game plan.

Embrace your hobbies

You can start by advancing your activities outside the office. A hobby at 20 can become your full-blown career at 40. Keep your personal interests active to make them grow into something more.

Network, network and network

Begin to network like there is no tomorrow. Maintain an elaborate network of people you know outside the industry. This will get you referred and inform you about job opportunities more easily.

Guard your savings

Some financial plan is necessary too. Remember that career change can sometimes be an expensive proposition. If you spend all your money; saving none of it, you are basically denying yourself the freedom to explore new possibilities. You need not improve your lifestyle every time you get a raise. Put that money instead in an interest-bearing account that will buy you the freedom you’ll need when the time comes.

Think ahead, no regrets

Never think it’s too late. Careers are a part of growth. You occasionally have to shed one like a skin to grow another that is more accommodating. However complicated a career change in later life might seem, it could actually be the best time for you. Then, you would have garnered adequate experience in your personal and professional interests to move around in the corporate world with confidence.

Begin to prepare to take that leap!

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