Career in Fitness: Become a Personal Trainer

You’re fighting fit, you bore your mates with nutritional advice, and you love nothing more than a power smoothie and a jogging session after you hop out of the bed in the morning. Fitness has become a vocation – so why not make it a profession, too?

The fitness industry has become big business over the past two decades. Private gym memberships have skyrocketed in popularity, while the function of a gym has expanded beyond mere exercise.

Nowadays, people convene in gyms for a quiet coffee, a relaxing massage, a chat with their dietician or simply to relax. What better place to establish yourself as a personal trainer?

If the idea of hanging about gym and teaching people how to bench correctly appeals to you, then you’re going to need more than a cracking bod and some gym shorts. Personal trainers are highly trained and know exactly how to train all body types.

So what do you have to do to if you want to become a personal trainer?

The perfect course

While you might think you know all you need to hit the gyms and teach people your skills, you’d be amazed by just how in the dark you are with the fitness of others. There are many different body types, and they all require different nurturing.

Skinny bodies need more nutrition and should avoid running if they want to gain body mass. Larger frame, conversely, require less protein and will need to jog if they want to lose a few pounds.

That’s only the most simplistic set of examples. If you want to wrap your head around other people’s bodies (so to speak), find fitness courses online that can teach you exactly how to teach anyone.

A large majority of these courses are fully accredited, so you’ll be able to rock up to any gym and flaunt your bona fide qualification, putting you head and shoulders above the competition.

Know where you want to work

The work of the personal trainer can be as compact as you need it to be. If you’re teaching clients in your local park, you only really need an exercise mat and some basic fitness tips. If you’re working for a private gym, you’ll need to understand the ins and outs of every machine.

Your choice largely depends on your mentality. If becoming a personal trainer is only a job on the side for you, then a small-scale operation might be right for you. But a private gym can offer security


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