Career Options for the Home Business Mom

Whether you are leaving the corporate world for high adventure in the home business realm or simply decided starting a business from home sounded more exciting than having a boss, you have decided you will be the entrepreneur and the leader of your own business.


Now what? Do you have ideas about what type of business you will run?  Do you already know what excites you into wanting to jump right in?  Or are you still wondering what options are out there for the mom who wants to work from home?  I have a few ideas for you.

Starting from Scratch

For a couple of years now you have made your own soap from organic materials.  You give the bars out to family and friends, and in the summer and spring you sell a few bars at the local farmers market.  The feedback has been great and people actually ask for more.  So you start wondering if you could sell the bars and make a business of this.  Of course you can!

With the right mix of business planning and marketing your business from scratch can flourish right from your own home.

Starting from scratch businesses are basically the ones where the entrepreneur sells a service or product they have created.

Buying an Established Business

Many times a person feels she no longer wants to run a business, feels she can make a profit by selling or retire so she sells her business.  You then can buy this business that already has assets like inventory, reputation, clients, location and great product.  You, the savvy business woman continues to run this business.  Maybe even build it larger!

Buying an established business can take a hefty initial investment but you don’t need to go through the hassle of building it up, that has already been done for you.

Franchising Opportunities

Do you want to be your own boss but still feel you don’t want to go at it all alone and don’t really want to start from scratch?  Franchises offer great opportunities to invest in a business name and product that is already established and the franchisor helps guide you through start up.  You pay certain fees to use the trademarked name and products but you get to build a business from the ground up.

Direct Sales Business

Are you a master at selling?  Then direct sales is where you should be.

Direct sales companies allow you to make your own hours and if you are a savvy sales-woman you can make good money. All you need to do is sell their product, usually online, door to door or at home parties.  No worries about developing products, they are already ready for you.

Be Aware

Do your research before diving into starting any kind of home business.  Being your own boss with potential to earn as much as you can is exciting, but only if you do it the right way.  Never buy a business or start a direct sales business without checking financial reports, Better Business Bureau reports and information online or at your library.


Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM blog where she strives to help the whole work at home mom find perfect integration between her work and her life. She knows that when mom prospers everything she cares about prospers also: her family, her life and her business.  Grab her free ebook, “7 Steps to Start Successfully Working at Home.”

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