Is it Time to Reinvent your Career?

imgres-1I overheard a conversation this morning on the schoolyard that went something like this 

Woman 1: Are you going to work?

Woman 2: Yeah (that very prolonged yeah followed by an unhappy sigh)

Women 1: Well, somebody’s gotta do it, right?

Women 2: *shrugged*

It made me think about the women who had to go to work during WWII, while the men were fighting in the war. Once women experienced the taste of working outside the home and earning an income, many women did not want to go back to being a homemaker.

Women had found a sense of freedom, satisfaction, and fulfillment in the work they were doing outside the home. Later came the Women’s Rights Movement, which called for equality for women in all levels of society. Women were passionate about contributing at home as well as contributing in society. It was definitely a new era.

As more women entered the workforce, the better quality of life families began to experience; however, with that came a new level of consumption, and now, instead of working to find fulfillment and liberation, women were working to maintain a lifestyle. Work became a necessity of life, and many women lost that sense of freedom and fulfillment they used to receive working outside the home.

So the question now is, are you happy doing what you are doing? Do you love what you do? Is it time to reinvent your Career?

How many women do we know who are miserable in their careers/jobs because the job has become a necessity? I, myself, was one those. Even though I wasn’t completely miserable in my job, I longed for something that brought forth my authentic self and my vision of empowering women to reconnect with their own wisdom and true self.

Eventually the calling in my heart became too loud to ignore and I made the choice to leap off the cliff and trust that my wings would open and I could fly. I quit my job, leaving the stability and security behind (and a decent income) to fulfill my passion of supporting women reconnect to their hearts and manifest their visions.

It was not easy. It’s been a year and a half since taking that leap, and, although, there have been times I’ve wanted to quit my dream and go back to safety and security, I knew that with perseverance and determination (and faith, trust, knowing, prayer, meditation, you name it), I would be able to continue advancing on my path.

Perhaps the path of entrepreneurship is not for everyone; however, loving what you do should be. Even if you have a job that helps maintain your lifestyle, it’s more about your attitude toward the job that matters. If you take the time to list what it is that your job provides you – extra-curriculum activities for your kids, a class you like to take, trips, a home you love – then you’re more likely to have gratitude for the job in front of you.

Gratitude is definitely one of those things that completely help you shift the energy of necessity, lack, and limitation.

Now, if you are ready to take the leap and listen to the calling of your heart, all I can say, out of my own experience, is there’s never going to be the PERFECT TIME. No matter how much money you save or how much research you do or how many ducks you get lined up in a row, when it comes time to leap, you just have to do it and have faith and trust (and having a support system behind you will make a huge difference.)

If you are ready to dive into your heart’s calling and become a Wise Heartpreneur , as I like to say, then I invite you to connect with me as I would love to support you on your journey.

To learn more about my work and how to connect with me, please visit my website at

BIO: Jacqueline VanCampen is the author of Letters to My Daughter: A Mother’s Journey of Healing and Transformation. She is a Wise Heart Mentor and Leader helping women become leaders in their own lives and business.

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