Cash is in the clarity!

2013: The Year of Abundance!

How have you been? It’s been a while and I’ve missed connecting with you!

I have a new business name: Time 2 Profit.  Why Time 2 Profit?  In essence ‘Time’ is what I am giving you.

  • Time to do the things you love away from your business.
  • Time to be with family. Wouldn’t it be nice to be home for dinner and not have to work weekends?
  • Time to make more money.  Focus on business building and not have your business manage you.

I have been busy clarifying my business brand and creating new service offerings that you will greatly benefit from.  Re-branding a business is serious work.  I have a new appreciation for brand managers, you people are genius!

During the past few months I attended many events, networked with experts, and built some long lasting relationships.  These activities made me realize that I wasn’t 100% clear on what I wanted out of my business and who I wanted to serve.

I was asked 3 simple questions that helped me gain clarity on my business brand:

1.     What do I like to do? 

  • List your strengths
  • Identify the things you love and would do for FREE
  • Identify the things your client would pay you for

This question helped me create my services, based on the things I am good at and I like to do.  I love to put the pieces together and equipping entrepreneurs with the support to run a successful business.

2.     Who don’t I like to work with?

  • List past clients
  • Identify the ones that you don’t want to work with again and the reasons why

This question helped me create my ideal client profile.  I even named her: Karla B Smith!  It makes it easier to create marketing materials.  I enjoy working with clients that are committed to taking their business to the next level, are open to change and challenge.

3.     Where do you want to go?

  • Identify your vision and mission for your business.  Do you want to create products, run groups, have retreats, etc.
  • Identify what your business model will be.  Do you want to remain a solo-prenuer with one office or do you want multiple offices across the country?

This question helped me the see possibilities of where my business can go.  I want to build my business to have an agency model, with multiple offices and staff.

Clarity in your business is continuous work. Don’t get discouraged if you’re still trying to figure it out.  Continue to define and redefine until you’re comfortable.   I also recommend staying in the loop, continuing to get out there, and work with clients.  Experience will also bring clarity.

I am calling 2013 ‘The Year of Abundance’!  Be on the lookout for Time 2 Profit.  I would love to hear what you have been up to and what you have planned for 2013.   Please comment over on our blog.


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