Cate Street’s Biomass Plant Brings More Jobs and Renewable Energy to New Hampshire

When it comes to energy production, we all know “going green” is the wave of the future. Companies are looking for cleaner and more efficient ways to produce energy. Everyone is looking for cost-competitive ways to get the job done. These days, biomass is at the forefront when it comes to renewable energy. Cate Street Capital is one company that is investing in the biomass power industry. Led by CEO John Hallé, the company focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly projects.

Biomass Power

John Halle and wood pellets
Wood pellets are the wave of the future

Biomass, a renewable energy source, is biological material from things such as wood. Wood waste is one of the most abundant, cost-competitive, and environmentally-friendly biomass resources. Manufacturers generate a huge amount of waste in the process of making products such as lumber, furniture, pallets, and paper. In general, less than 50 percent of the tree ends up in a final product, and the balance represents a vastly underutilized resource, which can be put to use in biomass power generation.

“The generation of biomass energy provides environmental benefits, like better air quality, lower greenhouse gases, reduced waste disposal costs, and diversification of the electric power supply,” said John Hallé, Cate Street Capital CEO. , Investing in the biomass power industry is also a boost to local jobs. Bringing “green” jobs to a community is not only a plus for the environment, but for the local economy as well. Cate Street Capital CEO John Hallé identified an opportunity to create a biomass plant in Berlin, New Hampshire. Burgess BioPower is an environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art, 75-megawatt biomass power plant. In addition to increasing the amount of renewable energy used in New Hampshire, the plant and its construction brought hundreds of jobs to the area.

“Burgess has created a significant number of good jobs in a region of New Hampshire that needs them most,” said John Hallé Cate Street Capital CEO.

John Halle and his company are pioneering what will hopefully become the norm rather than the exception. As more people see the benefits of biomass energy generation, they will be more open to seeing how beneficial these types of projects can be, not only for the environment, but for local communities as well.

“Cate Street Capital focuses on finding and supporting green technologies and environmentally sustainable projects for a better world,” said John Hallé, President and CEO of Cate Street Capital.  Cate Street Capital is always looking for ideas to improve the world in which we live.





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