Caution and Your Small Business

fear-in-businessThere are many reasons – valid and invalid – for caution experienced by small business owners. A measured amount of caution is useful. It triggers due diligence to better manage risk. An over abundance of caution, however, chokes business growth.

Cautiousness in business is like bubble wrap. It’s cushioning material provides a protective layer that creates delays, missed opportunities, causes us to misjudge or misinterpret events, and changes actions that sabotage our business growth.

During my tenure as a business coach, I’ve seen many reasons for excessive cautiousness in small business owners, including:

  • failure taken out of context
  • lack of belief in oneself
  • unproven business model that is unstable and produces lack luster results
  • missing information
  • under-developed business skills

Regardless of the cause, cautiousness is NOT a recommended strategy for growth. You have to “pop” your way through the layers of protective cautiousness to achieve your goals to grow your business. That’s where business coaching comes in.

More small business owners recognize the importance of business coaching to ensure their growth continues on an upward trend.  Business coaching removes the protective layer of cautiousness that previously kept you stuck and puts you on a path to accelerate your business growth.

Are you with me? Grab your bubble wrap.  We’ve got some poppin’ to do!

  1. Business coaching creates forward movement. With caution comes a blurred vision. When you’re unable to see a clear path, valuable resources get squandered as you head in the wrong direction. You can’t veer off track with business coaching. Business coaching ensures your vision is crystal clear and smart strategies are implemented  that are aligned with your vision to help you stay the course. (POP!)
  2. Business coaching prevents unrelenting cautiousness from becoming a habit. As with anything, the more we do it, the stronger it becomes. Cautiousness is one habit you don’t want to strengthen. Business coaching interrupts the vicious cycle of cautiousness by providing you with the tools, techniques, information, and skills you need to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.  (POP!)
  3. Business coaching opens up unidentified opportunities. It’s challenging to grow a business alone in this fast-paced, every-changing business environment. Possibilities are easily overlooked. Business coaching keeps you up-to-date with industry and consumer trends and makes it easier to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world to direct your business growth. (POP!)
  4. Business coaching sheds light on your numbers. If you don’t know it, you can’t grow it. Business metrics provide key performance information. Business coaching lends a hand in identifying the right stats to track. Business coaching also helps you understand key metrics that guide your business decisions and keep your business on the right track. (Pop!)
  5. Business coaching helps identify the right kind and amount of resources. Selecting vendors to assist with growth initiatives can be a daunting process. One bad choice can be a costly decision for many small business owners. With business coaching, you become a smart consumer of services. You learn the questions to make sure a vendor can deliver on their promises and identify resources that are the best fit for your business. (Pop!)

Ahhhh! Don’t you feel better already? Who doesn’t love the stress-relieving bubble popping of bubble wrap!? It’s irresistible. And, once you start, it’s nearly impossible to stop. Business coaching is just like bubble popping. It relieves stress, provides tools needed to succeed, and keeps you moving forward.

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