Health benefits of CBD or cannabidiol

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the primary active ingredients of cannabis

The uses of CBD in the medical field are plenty. Due to its benefits and low-side effects, now CBD is used in several countries as a medicine. What makes CBD important as a substance to use in medical practice is;

Anti-inflammatory properties

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CBD or cannabidiol is a more natural alternative to existing painkillers. Many studies have shown that CBD can significantly reduce chronic inflammation. The researchers suggest that this compound of cannabis can become a new treatment for different types of chronic pain. It is already used in the treatment of chronic pain associated with multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia.

Anti-epileptic property

This special compound of cannabis is highly useful in the treatment of epilepsy and various types of epileptic seizures as if in Dravet syndrome. This is possible through its anti-convulsive property. This compound acts on our brain and prevents epilepsy and seizures; thus a person who is suffering from epileptic disorders can benefit from CBD.

Treatment of psychiatric disorders

This active component of cannabis has antipsychotic properties. This property helps in the treatment of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. The studies show that this is possible through the action of CBD in stabilizing the brain receptors responsible for learning and memory. Studies have shown that CBD does not create dependency or addictions and therefore, treating patients with CBD can avoid the addictions resulted by the classic antipsychotic medications, that are in practice today.


Many studies have shown that CBD penetrates into the tumor cells and also suppress the growth of these cells.  Due to the low toxicity of CBD, this compound can be safely used in the treatment of cancer.


It is usually recommended not to use any cannabis product in people with anxiety disorders, as the use of THC can stimulate the anxiety attack. However, CBD is free from psychoactive properties, and hence, it can be used in the treatment of anxiety. Anxiety disorders as if panic attacks, OCD, and PTSD can be easily treated with CBD.


Many studies have shown that CBD helps to relieve the inflammatory change of the pancreas in type 1 diabetes. This research could change the treatment approach of type 1 diabetes in the future.


The primary reason for the development of acne is the excessive secretion of sebum. This sebum clogs the pores of the skin and leads to inflammatory changes. However, the studies show that CBD reduces the sebum production and thus reduces the development of acne.

Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

CBD inhibits the loss of the ability to recognize the faces of familiar people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. This can postpone the progressive symptoms related to this condition.

Apart from these health benefits, many researchers also show that CBD reduces the chance of development of dependence in people who smoke or use heroin. Many of these researchers are in their final stages so that the future could unfold many more health benefits of CBD.

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