Challenges are Stepping Stones to Something Better


What kind of challenges are you facing right now?

Challenges can feel very disconcerting at times. We may feel that we are being challenged because we are not moving in the right direction, because we are being punished for something, or simply because it’s our fate.

Some people face challenges with a “give-up” attitude, while others look at challenges as an opportunity to win over them.

What if challenges really were stepping stones to something better?

Challenges usually come unannounced and uninvited and pretty much catches people by surprise. I have had such challenges lately, and in the first few days of its arrival it’s usually a blur as the brains attempts to process the information being given. Then reality sets in… And here’s how reality shows up for me – perseverance, determination, courage, optimism, trust, and FAITH.


With this new reality in place, I was ready to dance with Challenge, AND, I was ready to lead the way, after all, I am a Wise Heart Leader.  In this dance, we waltzed, at times stepping on each other’s toes and other times, gracefully moving through the room.

Challenge is not choosy, and like death, it comes to all of us. It’s the dichotomy of living a human life. The difference, however, is how we respond to it, and how we respond to it makes the whole difference in its outcome.

When we take challenge and use it as a stepping stone to create something great, challenge can become our greatest allies. This goes for anything in life, be it in our relationships, health, or business.

I want to share a few tips for when challenges come unannounced and uninvited (do they ever come any other way???)


    • Self-care: yes, we all know how important self-care is; however, when it really comes time to apply it, we choose the road of self-sacrifice. A Wise Heart Leader knows that she cannot be of service to anyone if she’s not first and foremost caring for herself. Make sure you’re getting enough rest, proper nutrition, and exercise
    • Increase your connection with Spirit, God, the Divine, the Universe whatever Source is for you: I cannot begin to express how healing it is to have connection with Spirit. You can do this through prayer, meditation, walk in nature, whatever moves you into your heart-space
    • Surround yourself with people who truly care and have a positive outlook in life: have you ever been around someone who’s constantly nagging? It zaps your energy, right? That’s why it’s so important to be with people who will uplift and encourage you.
    • Try to keep some level of normalcy: when challenge happens, normalcy seems to be the first thing to go. Keeping things somewhat normal, especially when you have children is so important as it gives you a sense of control over your life.


May you be able to dance gratefully with challenge and use it as a way to expand your life. I’m still dancing with mine and still leading the way.

BIO: Jacqueline VanCampen is the author of Letters to My Daughter: A Mother’s Journey of Healing and Transformation. She is a Wise Heart Mentor and Leader helping women become leaders in their own lives and business.



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