Challenges of a Solopreneur

Up at 6:00 AM,  30 minutes of exercise, get dressed, make coffee and head to the home office .  Power up the desk top and the laptop. Start checking emails, read news online catch-up on the social media posts, reply to some and do my own posts. Then it’s time to get in ‘beast mode” and actual do some money making activities.

Sounds good right? Yeah, but it doesn’t always works that way.  Being a Solopreneur can be a very isolating experience and if you’re not careful, you can quickly become a non-productive hermit.   So here are a few things that may help…it has certainly helped me!


When you Look Good you Feel Good

Yes, get up and get dressed.  I know it’s tempting to keep on the PJ’s all day.  Why? Because it’s easy to just roll from one day into another.  Getting dressed and going to work will actually help to create a dividing line between Work and Play.  Besides, don’t be like me and miss an important package from the courier because you are such a hot mess you cannot answer the door.

Your Support System

When I was in corporate, we had energetic morning meeting, it was fun and I really miss that interaction.   Don’t you wish you had someone with whom you could bounce ideas, brainstorm, and gain perspective?  As a solopreneur we face doubts or less confidence in own skills; we get discouraged and sometimes feel that we can’t even succeed in our venture as a whole,  Well why not find other business owner’s to share that with…trust me there are many who feel the same.

I founded EON, an online network that allows me to share information and discuss ideas. I can reach out and have instant communication, even by video email and video conference.
I have even been able to find joint ventures and partnerships through this method.

Change Your  Routine

You can change your routine simply by changing your environment.  Remember above, we talked about getting dressed each day?  Well that makes it easy for you to step out. It is said that “Routine is the enemy of Creativity”. So get out and go to a café or coffee shop.  Make it a point to meet someone new.  There are many other business owners like you looking to interact. Smile and strike up a conversation, pay them a compliment.  Pay it forward by buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you.

 No One is an Island

As the master of your own ship, you try to do everything! You are NOT good at everything… When there is only one of you, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  So what is the solution?  Try outsourcing the things that take up you time and that you may not be good at.  This allows you to focus on your skills thus growing your business.  You will also be encouraged when you see progress being made.

Don’t Clutter your Bottom Line

Clutter can impact not just your life but your business in a negative way.  Says Betty ScottA cluttered, chaotic office can become the extension of a cluttered chaotic, mind. Get organized and set up systems and document your system.    You may want to get a binder and break it down into five sections,  Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Team Building.  As you create your processes, file them under the appropriate section.  If this is too much and you don’t have the time…again, consider outsourcing.  It will be well worth the time and money in building a long term sustainable business.

So, I say, if you are a solopreneur, my hat’s off to you. You have guts…Lots! And you are in very rare company. Very few have the nerve to believe in themselves enough to follow their dream.

Just remember, even if you are a solopreneur, you are not really alone when you have EON. So take a moment to sign up. It’s FREE, and you become a part of a community of like minded individuals, with visions they are determined to make a reality for themselves and for their family.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now. You’re only a community away from someone just like you.


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