Change-Up Your Blog For Home-Run Customer Attraction!

I know that football season is upon us, but please indulge me as I talk a little baseball.

When was the last time you saw a pitcher in a baseball game throw the same pitch over and over? It just doesn’t happen. Any pitcher worth his salt is bound to have an arsenal of different ones up his sleeve. He will vary them throughout the game and use different ones in different situations. It keeps the batters on their toes and paying attention… focused on what he is giving them next.

Your business’ blog can do the same thing.

Do you think your readers might be getting tired of seeing a blog that has the look of an English composition, full of clunky, chunky blocks of text? Rather than offering the same structure and style to your posts, you can throw a curve or slip in a slider. Take a look at some ways that you can spice up your game and offer your readers blog content that is educative, while at the same time exciting and dynamic!

1) THE LIST – The use of a bulleted or numbered list in a blog post helps you to take a concept and break it down into easily digestible terms. Remember, even though people want to read your blog, they may not have all day to do it. The overall look of a list style blog is less imposing, inviting people in for a good read without the feeling of long-term commitment that some articles give off.

2) THE REVIEW – Consider some of the trends in your field. Are there new tools? New books? What a perfect opportunity for an informative and enlightening blog post! As an expert in your field, your opinion on these things carries weight. By providing your readers with fair, balanced, and well-written reviews of the latest industrial trends and resources, you are further establishing yourself as a go-to person in your field.

3) THE INTERVIEW – When you are a leader in your business, you will often have access to certain individuals in your industry that most people may not have as readily. How exciting it can be for your readers when you “introduce” them to these people via your blog. Plan your interview well beforehand. Put yourself in the mind of your readers. What would they like to know from this person? Remember, this may be your blog, but it’s about them.

4) THE TUTORIAL – One of the great things about being a leader in your field is the opportunity you have to teach. Don’t assume that by offering instructions about some topics that you are losing business. On the contrary, by providing the occasional “how-to” blog post, you are demonstrating your knowledge and abilities to potential customers, as well as extending good will and building trust. This format, as well as the previous one, would also lend itself well to a video blog post… a most exciting change, to be sure.

5) THE GUEST – Really change things up and invite in an occasional guest blogger. This sort of event allows for an exciting change of perspective and style. Be very certain that you know the writing style of this guest blogger and are comfortable with the content they are offering. This is also an excellent networking opportunity for you if you can reciprocate and do a guest blog for this person, allowing you to reach a new audience.

Think about trying out one of these strategies the next time you write your blog. They will help you keep your readers engaged, entertained, and educated… and eagerly awaiting your next pitch!

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