Changing Careers: 4 Rewarding Careers Eves Might Want to Consider

A Female Police Officer on Duty


Women who aren’t fulfilled by their jobs often want to change careers. If you decide to pursue a new career path, consider one of these four rewarding options.




Teachers may encounter frustrating situations, but many of them get immense satisfaction from working with children. Some teachers even get the most satisfaction from working with difficult students. It’s a tough job, but it’s an important part of shaping the lives of young people.


The requirements to become a teacher vary from state to state. Teachers typically need to have undergraduate degrees. Most states require some graduate school experience, such as programs specifically designed to prepare teachers for the classroom. Student teaching is also a common requirement.


This may sound like a lot of training, but many people take graduate courses and teach at the same time. This makes it possible for some teachers who already have undergraduate degrees to enter the profession within a year or two. Those who need more time may want to start work as substitute teachers to gain experience before they start teaching.


Law Enforcement


University of Cincinnati has a program that dedicated students can complete in as little as one year. This will put you on the path to becoming a police officer or detective. You may even want to pursue careers within the CIA, FBI, or DEA.


Law enforcement officers perform a range of duties that keep the public safe. Since there are so many opportunities within the field, you can choose a career that matches your interests. If, for instance, you want to work with the public, it makes sense to join a police force that emphasizes crime reduction and safety. If you enjoy working with puzzles, you may want to become a detective or work with a national law enforcement agency.


Women make up only about 14 percent of law enforcement professionals. Choosing this career path will give you plenty of chances to make a difference in the way that agencies operate.


Real Estate Agent


Real estate agents get to help people find the homes of their dreams. It’s a highly rewarding career for highly social professionals who like helping people make informed decisions that will benefit them for decades. Practically anyone willing to work hard can become a real estate agent. While the requirements vary by state, all agents must:


    • Complete pre-licensing courses


    • Join a brokerage


    • Pass a licensing exam



Depending on your state and commitment, you could complete these requirements within a year.


Restaurant Manager


Restaurant managers work in a fast-paced environment where they get to interact with diverse groups of people. It’s an exciting career for people who have strong interpersonal communication and leadership skills.


Becoming a restaurant manager doesn’t usually require much education outside of a high school diploma. That makes it a good choice for women who don’t want to spend time and money on college courses. Most restaurant owners are more concerned about hiring managers who have experience. Depending on your interests, you could start by waiting tables or working in kitchens. This is one of the few careers where you can earn over $45,000 a year without having a college degree.


What features do you look for in a rewarding career? Do any of these options match your needs?




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