Are you chasing away your dream job?

Its-never-too-late-to-beLately, it seems the conversations I have with my closest contacts always eventually lead toward their desire to change jobs.  It’s not surprising because apparently in the U.S. alone, 75 percent of working age people are hunting for a new jobor at least open to the opportunity. When I ask what is holding them back, for some it’s because their current job offers stability and perks, as in they can take this Friday off without a lot of fuss.  Some are afraid of change, even though it’s what they really want. Some fear rejection and loath the time required for an effective job search.

While their excuses for not changing jobs and following their dreams all vary, they are all chasing away their dream job.  My answer has been the same to each: Get off the (fill in the blank) and do it!

We can create excuses for not doing something all day long, but you’re worth so much more than that.  Remember, just because you pursue an opportunity doesn’t mean you have to take it. But right now, you don’t have a choice, you are where you are and if you do nothing, you will remain there. On the other hand, if you pursue other opportunities, you give yourself that beautiful, delicious, life-changing… choice.  Here are some other choices you need to make as you begin this journey.

#1 Work Hard or Work Smart.

Every job posting receives an average of 100 applications. Most of the people who apply meet the standard requirements and many meet the preferred requirements. Your challenge is to present yourself as the standout candidate.  Two years ago, I read a blog post that changed how I looked at this. It was written by Gini Dietrich, founder of Arment-Dietrich.  In summary, Gini wrote that she won’t hire anyone she doesn’t know and they have to have verifiable proof of their skill sets. We are gifted with a tremendous amount of options for presenting ourselves as the stellar candidate. And, by following a strategic job search plan, you’re taking specific actions every day that connect you the right people and position you exactly where you need to be.

#2 Position yourself for advancement or give it away to someone else.

What’s your dream job? Do you have all the skills needed to land that job? Imagine lacking only one or two specific skills when the opportunity comes along. Imagine how different your life would be if you had taken the time to acquire those skills. Two years ago, I used Gini Dietrich’s blog post as a career board. I developed a strategy that changed my destiny. Today, I receive inquiries at a minimum every week. As opportunities come along, it is my choice whether to take advantage of them.

#3 Use technology and networking to create opportunities or move aside while others do.

Need another example of success? Let me introduce you to Stacy Zappar. Stacy positioned herself as a talent acquisition expert using her experience combined with today’s social media channels. As a result, she was recently offered a leading position at Zappos. Do you think that would have happened if the Zappos executives didn’t know who she was? No way! Stacy demonstrated her expertise, built an incredible network, and proved she was the ideal candidate for the job.

It’s never too late to be who you might have been.

If you really want to do this, then do it. Make today the day! Right flippin’ now!  I invite you to learn my “work smart strategy” at  We’re hosting an online master class  this week that will help you change your future, and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose but that dream job.


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