Cheap Salon Equipment – A Buyers Guide

Whether you want to create a salon experience in your own home, a home-based salon, a mobile salon, or upgrade some of the equipment in your current salon you’ll want to take a look at some of the amazing deals you can find on high-quality, cheap salon equipment.

There used to be a time when cheap salon equipment was only available wholesale. Which meant you needed to track down the wholesalers available in your area or find the equipment then find the wholesalers who could provide it to you. While that is still the case for some lines many companies have realized they need to sell direct or online. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals on cheap salon equipment you can find online below. If you are looking for a standing hair dryer, a salon chair, a wax warmer, or even just some salon towels we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up great items with stellar reviews at bargain basement prices.  In many cases, you can get them delivered to your door in two days!

When buying essential yet cheap salon equipment, it is important to look at more than just price. Especially for those starting out you’ll want to assess your needs a few high-end yet deeply discounted items might work if you are a special events hairdresser with a mobile business. However if you are just opening a new business and aren’t sure yet you might want to focus on high-quality basics that can serve many types of clients. High-end, low end, or middle of the road there is cheap salon equipment out there you just need to find it!

Cheap Salon Equipment -Our Rundown

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Have we missed some essential piece of equipment or a great deal in our cheap salon equipment rundown? Please let us know in the comments! We’d love to add it or create a feature on it!