Choosing Single Motherhood- You Are Not Alone

Being a parent is one of the fulfilling events in a person’s life. The most ideal situation is that children should be brought up in a family where both parents are present. This is not always the case and you may find yourself having to make the choice of being a single mother. There are many women who choose that route due to various reasons. In case you are faced with the decision you should be rest assured that you are not alone.

Why women become single mothers

Women become single mothers due to various reasons. Some of them are: death of a partner, divorce or unplanned pregnancy. Some women opt to become single mothers by choice such as getting a child through artificial insemination or adopting a child.

Whatever the reason, there are many single mothers around who raise their children on their own and if you are considering that route, you are not alone.

Raising a child or children alone as a single mother is not an easy task. This is because you are supposed to play the role of both parents. Despite that, there are support groups that are formed by the single mothers to assist each other. It helps the mothers to know that they are not alone and there are other single mothers out there as well.

Challenges faced by single moms

When you are making the decision to become a single mom, you should know that there are challenges faced by single mothers. The first one is the lack of support from a partner. You will find that you will need to fulfill all the roles of parenting, from being a disciplinarian, to a counselor, comforter and most of all, the provider.

The other challenge is the financial responsibility that you need to bear alone. Raising children is expensive, especially if you are required to foot the bills alone.41

It is your duty to face all the challenges so that you can make the raising of the child or children worthwhile. You can seek the help of support groups and family members so that you do not get overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Benefits of single motherhood

Being a single parent means you make all the decisions of raising the children. There are no arguments as to who will do which chore. You also have the upper hand in disciplining the children with no one to contradict you.

If you decide to do choose single motherhood, it is important to note that it is not easy, but it can be done. There are single mothers who have raised children who ended up becoming important members of the society.


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