Cleanse and Detox

Cleanse and Detox
Cleanse and Detox

Cleanse and Detox

I’ve been talking about cleanses and detox diets with a lot of clients, because it’s springtime now and everyone gets the urge to purge this time of year. Clean out your closet, the garage, the fridge, and your body. I’ll go a little bit deeper into what cleanse will be right for you later, but here are some good places to start.

One part of detox that is often overlooked is emotional detox. You can drink all the green smoothies you want, but if you are still holding onto anger, guilt or resentment, you won’t reap the full benefits of your cleanse.

A Few Tips

• Schedule a cleanse or detox diet during a time when you can relax and pamper yourself. If you have to go to work, move projects so that you don’t have impending deadlines during your cleanse.

• Before your cleanse, get everything you need in order. Also, clean your house, pay your bills, make all the phone calls you need to make, so that during your cleanse, you can really let yourself rest.

• During your cleanse, if things come up at work or at home that stress you out, do what needs to be handled immediately, but practice maintaining your calm. If it isn’t an emergency, calmly tell everyone involved that you will handle this matter in four days. And then really let it go.

The key to a successful cleanse is rest, relaxation and peace. In the same way that stress makes your muscles tighter, it also tightens up and holds onto toxic chemicals and emotions. I highly recommend  the following additions to your cleanse.

• Meditate when you wake up, and before you go to bed. Even ten minutes of stillness at the beginning and end of your day make a huge difference, and ground you for the rest of the day.

• Write or journal for a few minutes in the morning, especially if you are having a hard time with the cleanse, or thoughts kept popping up while you were meditating. If you just write “This cleanse is so hard, I don’t want to do it anymore, meditating is dumb, writing is dumb, Lily is dumb, why did she tell me to do this dumb stuff?” That’s great. Keep going. Get through that stuff, and something useful with fill it’s place once it’s gone.

• Get light exercise everyday, for about ten minutes. And I mean light! Walk slowly, without elevating your heart rate. Movement is important, because it will get you blood and lymph flowing. Even if you feel great, and full of energy, don’t overdo it. You don’t have a whole lot of fuel to run off of. If walking sounds like too much, do some slow stretches, holding each pose for a minute or longer.

• Nap. When I go on a cleanse, I get totally exhausted, overwhelmed and sad about two hours after lunch. Put your feet up, and rest quietly for twenty or thirty minutes.

• Take baths! Use Epsom salts, and lavender oil, if you like them, and take a warm bath for about twenty minutes. As your lymph system discharges, you might get dizzy or lightheaded, or feel your heart rate increase. Get out slowly, stay seated or lying down, and cool yourself off by opening a window, or wiping yourself down with cold towels.

More on cleansing and emotional detox later! Please get in touch if you are doing a cleanse and need support: [email protected]


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